Using the traditional outbound techniques such as TV, print, radio, and newspaper still prioritized in majority of marketing strategies while an increasing number of entrepreneurs are recognizing the brilliant and fantastic results that can be delivered through efficient inbound marketing tactics.

These days, inbound marketing is the most promising and business driven technique by which online businesses can seek new customers and can build long term relationship. Most agencies use some form of quality blogging, SEO and incorporating the social media tactics into their marketing plan to increase the brand awareness and to build online reputation which is obviously a time consuming method but delivers long term benefits. What has further made the inbound marketing as a popular business growing strategy is the changing customer landscape, the fact is now everyone is on smartphones and everyone possesses enough understanding at rejecting spam and other forms of unsolicited advertising.

Inbound now is increasingly seen as one of the cost effective methods of marketing because when it is executed accurately it is capable to deliver a better ROI than outbound ever could. But it requires patience, money and time but definitely delivers results.

Following Are The Basic Steps Of Inbound Marketing

  • You need to create compelling and high quality content for all stages of the buying cycle without compromising in form of blog posts, eBooks, PDFs, Infographics and Videos.
  • Use blogging, SEO and social media promotion to get found by the people who are looking for your services or products.
  • Convert visitors to lead and nurture relationship through engaging landing pages, effective call-to-action, forms and contacts.
  • Convert qualified leads into customers using reliable customer relations management and keeping in touch with emails.
  • Then analyze and adjust your marketing strategies

Here you need to understand that inbound marketing is an ongoing process which requires constant care to keep things going smoothly and get maximum outcomes. When it is planned effectively and executed faithfully, it will generate qualified leads for your business consistently and repeatedly.

Following Are The Key Reasons Why To Choose Inbound Over Outbound Marketing

  • You will likely to see 3x higher ROI on inbound than outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Tracking ROI is more simple using inbound marketing software, making it easy to see the progress and thus you can justify budget increases.
  • Around a third of those using outbound tactics aren’t even convinced on how successful their marketing campaigns are! There is a lot of uncertainty, investment and sometimes failure chances too.
  • More than 75% marketers working in B2C would opt inbound over outbound marketing.
  • 52% of marketers those selected inbound marketing saw a greater ROI than a previous year.

Which Type Of Marketing Is Right For Your Business?

As you can see, both types of marketing have pros and cons.

So, which is better?

Every coin has two sides; similarly there are pros and cons of each of these marketing methods. If you need a quick result than inbound marketing may not worthwhile but outbound marketing can.

The specific strategies which are right for your business will depend on:

How quickly do you need results? If you want to grow your business ASAP, you can focus more heavily on outbound strategies. But it can be expensive.

What is your marketing budget? Everyone can’t afford to produce a TV commercial but you can surely start a blog and social media promotion on any budget.

These are the few points you should consider before opting the marketing method. You can get real results from either inbound or outbound marketing if they are executed well for target audience.