Shipping is an integral section of eCommerce stores. Online stores sell products across the globe using different shipping services such as FedEx, UPS or others. If eCommerce store has utilised efficient shipping methods with no troubles with product delivery, customers are likely to come back and buy more. This can increase brand awareness and trust level. Thus, it is necessary for eCommerce stores to impose a reliable shipping extension which delivers amazing shopping experience to customers.

Below we have complied list of some of the best shipping extensions for your Magento store. These extensions are immaculate for magento eCommerce websites functionalities such as calculating the exact amount for shipping from various shipper and courier companies, the approximate number of days of delivery and tracking the delivery status and location of your customers parcel on an hour wise or a day wise basis etc.


Shipping Restrictions

You can limit a use of shipping methods by product names, brand, country, in fact any attributes. You are allowed to put shipping restrictions based on customer group, weight, order total and other shipping parameters.


  • You can adjust shipping process to your legal and business needs
  • Block shipping carriers or few methods of shipping carriers
  • Limit shipping based on product attributes and order information
  • You can limit shipping based on country, state and other shipping data
  • You are allowed to restrict shipping methods for customer groups

Shipping Rules

This extension allow you to modify live shipping rates: deduct, surcharge or override rates, provided by carriers. You can implement Magento delivery options e.g. surcharge rates for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii, correct rates for LTL freights and do other shipping rat modifications.


  • You can modify shipping rates according to your business needs
  • Correct shipping rules based on order and product attributes
  • Modify price both for whole order or a single product
  • Modify shipping based on customer groups
  • Offer accurate rates for LTL freights

Product Matrix

This Magento shipping extension gives you the maximum flexibility to offer shipping rates based on your business needs. Product Matrix extension enables you to define your rates according to any combination of destination, price, quantity, weight and customer group rules.

With this extension you can create shipping groups to categorize your products and define shipping rates. Using Product Matrix you can tailor your shipping rules to suite your unique product set and customer base.


  • One of the flexible multiple table rates extension
  • Easy customization for shipping rates for any combination of destination, product, quantity, weight or customer group rules
  • You can create shipping groups to define shipping rates
  • Calculate shipping as a percentage of cart subtotal
  • Flexible for managing order totaling
  • Support for tax inclusive prices

Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups

Using this extension you can set access to payment and shipping methods by customer groups according to your business needs.


  • You can manage payment and shipping according to groups
  • Customer can see only methods assigned to their group
  • Facility to offer privileges to certain customer groups

Marketplace Table Rate Shipping

This extension if very useful when store owner wants to define shipping, freight, and price based on their business needs. Shipping and freight can be calculated based on csv entered by seller and sipping cost will be calculated based on weight, region, country, state, postal code and many other options.


  • Completely dynamic order confirmation with tracking code
  • Work efficiently with almost all Magento versions
  • Buyer will receive notifications from the seller when seller ship the product
  • Shipping – freight price calculating based on csv entered by seller / vendor
  • Invoice print management from both seller and vendor panel
  • Tracking ID management from vendor panel

Shipping Table Rates

Complete control over shipping rules and methods. You are allowed to create number of shipping methods: multiple table rates, multiple flat rates etc. Shipping can be calculated based on address, weight, price and quantity.


  • Unlimited shipping methods
  • You can assign specific rates for a product or a group of products
  • Rates based on product type such as extra large, toxic items
  • Import and edit of shipping rates
  • Full support of Magento discount functionality


MatrixRate Extension

The MatrixRate magento shipping extension enables you to offer multiple shipping options to customers based on their locations. Using this extension, you are enabled to define different shipping rates according to destination, shipping method and the weight, price or quantity of product.


  • Display multiple delivery table rates extension
  • Display several delivery methods
  • Customize shipping rates based on locations
  • Customize shipping rates based on product weight, subtotal or quantity

Owebia-Shipping 2

This extension will help you to configure shipping rates in a very flexible way. Using Owebia Shipping, you can set shipping rates based on various aspects such as weight, destination, price, categories, quantity, customer group etc.


  • You can manage 2 different shipping modes and unlimited shipping methods
  • You can use multiple conditional delivery methods depending on your business needs
  • Customise shipping rates based on destination, weight, price and quantity
  • Shipping rates based on product attributes, categories, and item option
  • Filtering postal codes through wildcards or regular expressions

Multi-Flat Shipping

You can create 5 flat rate shipping methods with different prices and conditions. Additionally, this extension will allow you to add custom HTML message that you want to show in checkout page to inform your customers about your shipping methods.


  • Complete Magento backend integration: no coding needed and all parameters available in configuration
  • The extension is available for all languages through Magento Multi Store full support
  • Custom checkout message facility available on shipping method selection with support to HTML

Important note: Disable your cache before installing this extension!