Paid Advertising Resources

If you are a business owner and seeking for the significant ways which can further help increase your online business revenues, then there are effective online paid advertising strategies available to draw inbound traffic. There are plenty of ways such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid marketing, banner adverts, email marketing you can use.

There are umpteen online paid advertising marketing sources available but deciding which paid traffic sources to focus on can be pretty overwhelming. Paid marketing is for bringing in traffic and sales to your business website. The paid sources like Google AdWords, Facebook and other major social media are various options to choose from. But as with everything else to be successful, if you are planning to invest in paid adverts, you need proper analysis and strategic planning to get return on investment.

Below we have defined some the effective Internet Paid Advertising Sources every small and new business should try.

1. Google AdWords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the effective techniques to grow business but over the years Google has introduced lot of changes in its search algorithms which has further made SEO tough. To evade long term practice, Google offers AdWords service which is one of the most versatile online paid advertising solutions around. It can be a great paid traffic source because it serves your business to your target people. These are customers who have already shown an interest in your services or products and ready to make the next move. With proper audience research and by understanding what keywords they are searching with, you can target these bottom-of-the-funnel customers and see significant improvement in sales.

One best thing about Google AdWords is that, it allows you to choose different ad format such as Text ad, Image ad and Video ad and much more according to your needs. To attract more visitors, you can choose either Image or Video ad as instead of plain text, your ad will appears with stunning image.

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2. Facebook Ads

Facebook is most popular social networking website with over a billion monthly active users. Over the last few years Facebook ad has grown vastly and it is quite lucrative for small businesses. Initiating paid campaign on Facebook will gives you enormous features such as targeting paid traffic based on age, gender, occupation, interests and region and you can even target audiences that are similar to the ones who have already used your services.

3. LinkedIn Ads

If you are involved in B2B market, then LinkedIn Ads can be a great paid source. With LinkedIn Ads account you will have three different types of advertising options such as sponsored updates, display and text ads and InMail. Your ads can be targeted based on your job title and job functions and other targeting options you can utilize are location, gender, age, skills and company size etc. LinkedIn Ads is quite expensive because you won’t find any targeting for less than $2 per click and many of the targeting start at $4.50.

4. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads can be used by any business of any size. You can target customers based on your account, promoted trends and promoted Tweets. You can set a budget, maximum bid and only pay for engagement. This traffic source gives you custom targeting options such as keyword, interest and followers and even tailored audiences, similar to Facebook.

Twitter also offers you Analytics which will help you track the multiple components of your Twitter ads and use the information to improve optimization.

These are the just few internet paid advertising sources but there are some other sources you can utilize are mentioned here.