Maria Sharapova Official Website

We bring to you outstanding collection of websites of inspiring tennis players which truly reflects the professionalism, athleticism and helps their fan followers in directly interacting with some of the most successful tennis super stars.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer Official Website

Website is using TYPO3 as a content management system. Website also offers an opportunity to directly connect with Roger through Forum discussion for asking questions. Expires Headers is missing element in the website as it helps increase website load time for returning visitors and making fewer HTTP requests could be handy to increase website loading speed.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal Official Website

Quite simple website in Spanish version, but it gives you facility to translate into English. It features links to Rafaelnadal-Shop (buy some exciting t-shirts, Racquets and Rafael Nadal autographed cap) and Fundación Rafa Nadal (Rafa Nadal Foundation). On the home page you can see his professional tennis journey begun from 2004.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams Official Website

Serena Williams official website has some stunning elements such as showing current tournament status and latest results. Website design is elegant and has used grid layout structure which is featuring latest news, photos, and schedule, shop and foundation etc. details on home page. It has elegant website navigation on top which will helps find all the information’s quickly. In short, Serena Williams official website is efficient and well-designed.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Official Website

Website has utilized the grid concept that features latest tweets, Instagram updates and latest blogs of Maria Sharapova. It is using the modern and popular content management system named WordPress. It is also features direct link to Sugarpova which is a candy line created by Maria Sharapova and candy veteran Jeff Rubin. Sugarpova is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic Official Website

This website features some cool elements such as photos and videos of Novak. To manage the content of the website, WordPress is used.  Website navigation is superb and also gives you an opportunity post photos, blogs posts, videos that you find about Novak. Worlds current NO 1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic also owns a restaurant named Novak Cafe & Restaurant.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray Official Website

This website has excellent use of colour combination with light grey background and grid structure, website has interactive navigation menu with schedules of upcoming tournaments to catch Andy live in action.

He has tweeted a letter received from his loyal fans which shows that how strong and great fans following he has.

Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic Official Website

Ana Ivanovic official website features excellent footer section with Tour Tracker element which will help you catch Ana live in action. For content management, website has used one of the secured CMS system named Drupal. Website also have effective navigation bar and you can find amazing facts of Ana and latest videos and photo gallery sited on home page. Ana’s website also gives you facility to shop Tennis apparel, shoes, bags and racquets.

Petra Kvitova

Petra Kvitova Official Website

Another excellent and intuitive website of top tennis player with grid technology, Petra Kvitova official website shows Twitter and Facebook feed including photos, current location and latest news elegantly placed in slider on home page. Petra official website has efficient navigation which will help you browse content easily and quickly. For content management, website is relying on advance CMS tool named WordPress. Website also features the current WTA ranking on top right corner.