If you own a website having compelling piece of content, elegant product images and website design seems professional with efficient user navigation structure, then your website will get decent to very good traffic.

We get inquiries from several website owners who contact us with a query that they have invested in building up website however they struggle to get traffic on it to an acceptable level. If you are one of such website owners who are looking to grab maximum benefit such as good traffic, less bounce rate and good productive conversion then it’s better to understand reasons behind poor performance and work out a strategy to get out of the struggling stage. Check for below points.

1) Your website takes ages to load

Few interesting facts about how important website speed is:

  • More than 40% of users abandon website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load within 2 seconds of less.
  • 73% of mobile users encountered a website that was too slow to load.

I hope that the above statistics sufficient to give you an idea about why it is important to have an infrastruce which can help a website to load quickly. Above information is based on the research from KISSmetrics.

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2) You still owning outdated design for your website

Website branding and overall front end presentation should be upto the mark. People are super busy in this fast evolving digital age where creativity and easy usability get more attention/response. You only have few seconds when a new visitor ponders upon your site. Creativity and User friendliness are 2 absolutely crucial factors to be implemented if you want to impress the new visitors and get maximum of them to stay long enough.

Your website should be responsive so that your potential buyer can access your website anytime on their mobile devices. How important it is to have a Responsive Website

So, if your website is still having old fashioned look, it’s time to take step forward obtaining professional and modern design for your website.

3) Too many ads and pop ups

User who land on your website would expect neat and clean design without too much ads and pop ups which can trouble them accessing the content of your website. Just because you need to have ads on your website doesn’t mean you need to have them everywhere.

Don’t force users to subscribe to your email list using popup window that appear at any moment or in the middle when user is having good read of your blog or going through services you offer them. This can spoil overall momentum and lead them to leave your website.

Since trust is the key factor to drive conversion, limit the number of ads and choose the location (try to keep ads on the inner pages) wisely where they are displayed. Help your visitors to have easy access of your website without much hassle.

4) You don’t have proper ‘About Us’ page

When user comes to your website and if he/she finds your website appealing, many tend to also look out for about us page. It’s a positive sign that when they are interested in dealing with you, then About us page is the only source which can provide them initial details about your business like who you are, your history and since when have you been in the business etc. Have a well presented and well informed section here as it’s your opportunity to let them know who the business owners are, what’s their reputation and background. It gives them a sense of trust.

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5) Telephone number is missing

When you have phone number clearly displayed on your website that means you are accessible. When no contact number is available, people can doubt that you are hiding something. And in case of emergency, who do they contact? For local business, having a landline number adds trust.

6) Physical address is missing

Same as with your contact number, a physical address of business is very important and adds many layers of trust to your website. People who like to deal with you, may want to check your business infrastructure and in many cases they directly visit your place to ensure that you are real. It is also important in SEO. Search Engines like Google likes to see physical address so that you can be listed in maps.

7) You don’t have testimonials, case studies or portfolio

Before anyone starts dealing with you, they would love to see what you have done previously and would like to know what your clients are saying about their working experience with you. Portfolio, case studies and testimonials are very important components that can prove that you can deliver on the promises you are making. This delivers a buyer with tangible proof.

8) You don’t blog regularly

When you blog regularly, people will sense that you know the business and you are providing valuable and actionable content they can use. Regular blogging makes you an expert and people trust on experts’ advice often.

If you have no blog section on your website your website looks out of action or dead. Publish blog at regular frequency, produce podcasts, create an eBook, publish a video or share a gallery. It gives tremendous dynamism to your website.

Blogging is also a vital SEO ranking element. Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing

9) You don’t participate in social media

Keeping your presence on popular social channels is essential these days. It gives an idea that you are aware about what is happening around the world (particularly in your business field). People who want to deal with you would like to see how often you participate in social media, hanging out with your followers and contributing in social communities. Social media is considered a two-way street and if you don’t make your presence in the conversation, certainly this could cause customer lose trust in what you do and offer. They may even start believing that their important input and feedback doesn’t matter to you. Keep posting valuable information through social media. Interact with your target audience professionally and expand your network horizon. Be part of business groups that matters most and without being annoyingly pushy about your sales, participate in conversations that are relevant to your business industry and everyone gets encouraged to put up their thoughts. Through social media build strong relationship with your networks giving them a good reputation about your brand.

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