A big mistake often made by brands when it comes to social media marketing is having just a a simple and many times dull and inactive profile on popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which in fact has a potential to attract good traffic and increase the sales if they are kept active with regular interactive posts. Brands needs to understand that socializing is the primary reason that most people opt to participate in social media networks, while shopping is secondary thing. Social media is a great source for interaction between business and customers.

Therefore for businesses it has become extremely important to plan and implement effective strategies for doing social media marketing. It is also very important to take care here that social media needs to be used in the right way that businesses do not ruin its original purpose of existence. Its positively used to build awareness of their brand rather than posting own products everywhere rudely. Social network offer many possible ways to reach first-time customers, engage and reward existing customers and show the best your brand has to offer. The content you share on your social profiles must be informative and related to your niche customers you suppose to target.

Online reputation management is very crucial and businesses should know that sharing irrelevant or inferior information could ruin business reputation and this is applicable when using social media too. To utilise the social media effectively, following are the few ways through ecommerce business can increase traffic and sales.

Use Social Media Channels Sensibly

Why social media is so important for eCommerce websites?

Well, the answer is simple and straight: it is a perfect stage which allows you to interact directly with your potential and existing customers. Thus, it is every useful to enhance customer engagement.

Moreover giving you an opportunity to interact with your customers, social media also creates a platform to understand your customer requirements and answer their grievances and queries.

If you are using social media for your eCommerce website, please make sure you do that prudently.

  • Try to respond to all the queries posted.
  • Be ready to apologize for any inconvenience faced by your customers.
  • If someone complains, solve the issues ASAP.

If the social media platforms are used such sensibly, it can be a game changer for your eCommerce website because further word of mouth will play a huge role in brand awareness. People will share their positive experience and give you good feedback.

Offer useful tips and guidelines

Social media is a perfect platform through which your eCommerce website can be useful for your customers. On the other hand, it is not a good place to write excessive about the products and services offered by your eCommerce website. Instead, you can publish news, industry updates, tips, guidelines on different activities that are related to your products and business.

Posting such relevant information on regular intervals will keep your profile active and improve chances of more interaction which further increases chance of directing traffic towards your website. Sharing product tips in particular can be one of the best ways for your eCommerce website to remain relevant. It is always recommended to eCommerce businesses to add value to their potential customers by sharing relevant and useful content.

Take advantage of # tags

Hashtag is among the best element to use these days when posting on social media platforms to reach maximum niche audience.

They can be useful in:

  • Increase exposure
  • Reach target audience
  • Setting in distinctly apart

Therefore, you should make full use of hashtags. They are likely to help you get your content discovered by your target audience more frequently.

Many business use too many hashtags when posting on social media, refrain from doing that. Research and figure out the optimum number of hashtags for your post to reach niche audience.

Paid Advertising

Famous social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have all made paid marketing an integral part of their businesses and for eCommerce brands it is also required to increase their paid advertising budget to reach the maximum audience through social channels due to hefty competition. Following are the few advantages of determining the paid advertising on social websites:

Better Segmenting: Facebook and LinkedIn has done great job and made it much easier for marketers to target customer segments by location, age, interest, job title and much more interesting elements. A famous Success story we have come across is of Shopify. They have experienced a 50 percent reduction in CPL (cost-per-lead) through Facebook custom audience segment tool.

Video marketing has become a huge trend: According to statistics, YouTube led all social networks to converts users. This is because video is an excellent way to create market awareness about your products. Customers are more likely to make their decision more firm after viewing product videos. Video provides an interactive way to see the products in action before buying. Moreover, video is more engaging than text and if your audience is more engaged, you will experience high conversions.

More accurate reports: To strengthen the eCommerce marketers social campaign, many social websites offers accurate reports to view the each and every aspect of the campaign right from top performing products to the types of audiences engaged more and actions that customer take. These types of analytics reports make it easier for eCommerce businesses to plan the effective strategies.

Test, analyse, test again

Digital marketing is a new brave world of opportunities. However, it has never been easier to reach target audience and build community but effective marketing strategies and improving standards can make the path easy.

Experimenting with the strategies through which you interact with your customers, advertisement and content marketing can help identify what works best in your favour. Test, optimise and test again. The advance social analytics and content publishing tools have put marketers in a position to measure their social marketing reach in highly sophisticated way and plan further to be more efficient resulting in maximum productivity.