Social Media Marketing MistakesSocial media is highly popular online channel offering continuous opportunity for businesses to reach global audience. Today unprecedented number of businesses utilizes social media as a seamless marketing opportunity since businesses can directly interact with their target audience to increase sales.

Millions of people around the world use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, Pinterest and Stumble Upon channels in desire to move beyond the isolation, extend their communities, get involved in real world activities and most importantly to boost up the business sales. By just creating profiles on all popular social channels and adding some posts won’t be enough to trigger traffic and get conversion. Social media these days is all about continuously putting efforts, getting involved with like-minded people, contributing in discussions, being creative in spreading your message. Avoiding some basic mistakes many businesses can increase the ROI and get more opportunity from social media profiles.

Failing To Identify Right Audience

A healthy amount of human population is on social media now but from over 1.2 billion Facebook active users and 645 million active Twitter accounts not all the people are relevant to your business thus you need to make sure that you are using your energy on right place, with right people and at right time.

For example, if you spend 1000$ on Facebook advertising campaign and you may acquire thousands of new likes but unless you choose the right country and people with the similar interest and potential customers, your whole advertising campaign going will be a waste of time and money.

The same goes while boosting blog post, so before kicking off any social media campaign, make sure that you have properly researched about the target audience and the information you share, advertise or promote through these modern marketing channels reach to the right type of audience.

Neglecting Power of Image

It is far easy to explain something through image. According to study more than 80 percent of people digest information more easily by viewing an image instead of reading text. Understanding this phenomenon can really help boost your social media visibility.

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Not Utilizing Hashtags (#)

A key element of Twitter and Facebook is the proper use of hashtag to categorise your posts and make sure they would be seen by right people. It has never been so easy to determine what people are actually searching on social media thus with the proper use of hashtag in each of your tweets and post can get you closer to your target audience. is brilliant tool to identify relevant hashtags based on geographical location. You can also target influencers within your target industry to try and leverage their followers. You should avoid the highly popular profiles such as celebrities since they will less likely to retweet your content than a mid-level influencer.

Avoiding to Interact With Followers

Social media is all about interacting and getting involved in conversations whether it is answering a question asked by customers, a review of your product, a suggestion or anything else either on Facebook or Twitter. Appreciating brilliant piece of content via sensible comment, thanking consumers for commenting and speaking to the consumer complaints should give them feeling that they have directly got connected with the real brand which will someway increase your business reputation over social media.

Although there may be no need to respond to each comment but responding to best comment or follower will help build camaraderie and trust between customers and brand, which can positively enhance your business sales and help build strong clientele.

Talking Too Much

You many have noticed on your Timeline Facebook doesn’t show every post updated by every person or company that you follow or like, which is because they run the algorithm that decides based on your past behavior and interactions (how many times you have clicked the link, shared or liked a post etc.) what to show and what not to show. With this information, make sure that your posts don’t exceed more than three or four in a day. Moreover, take care that you are only posting worth sharing and informative posts that are useful and relevant to your target audience.