If you really want to see your brand embraced by potential customers in the high towering competitive era, you should need to know exactly what will stimulate online engagement. Text-based content always have been an essential part of online marketing but in order to really stand out in digital era it is needed to assimilate the visual content as a part of you marketing strategy.

According to statistics, more than 65 percent of online viewers are visual learner and 90 percent of information that gets grasped quickly by human brain is visual. It makes sense that it is feasible to use the types of visual content which people have an innate psychological quality to understand.

Below are the forms of visual content which will help you increase your website engagement in modern digital era.

1. Visually Appealing Images

If the content includes some compelling images people are likely to take interest in reading through what you want to convey (ensure that images that have been used are high quality and contextually relevant). According to Jeff Bullas, he stated in his article that, article with images get 94% more total views compare to plain text articles. As the internet is swamped with loads of contents and with the increase adoption of mobile internet access, it is vital that you should present yourself in a way that your viewers can find a reason to stay with you.

It is recommended to use original images clicked by you, since it can add much personal touch to your website content. Either you can buy high quality, attractive images online or you can use Canva, where you can create unique, appealing images for free. Additionally, there are plenty other free sources available that offers excellent quality images that can be acquired for free such as Flickr and Morguefile. Although these websites possess vast amount of images make sure you have the authority to use them.

2. Video

Video is one of the easiest way to convey your message and according to study, a video on landing page increased conversion by 86%. While you can use other types of visual content to convey your message but having a great video tells that you are prepared to go the extra mile without compromising with quality.

Well, there are various types of videos that can impact your website engagement such as, how to video, animated explainer video and happy customer testimonials etc. Whatever video type you choose, it is important that the videos tells every aspect of story clearly and have ethos of your brand. A study conducted by Moz shows that posts with videos will attract almost 3 times more inbound links than a plain text post. Video should be of high quality since it has become a primary representation of your brand in the digital empire.

3. Presentation

It was a time when presentations were restricted to just boardrooms only, but technology evolutions has given us an opportunity to share our presentation with the world through platform such as SlideShare which is an excellent source that can help expanding the outreach of your business. Effectively built Slideshare presentation allows you to communicate to your audience and keeping them engaged with your content.

The best example of slide share presentation for inspiration I have come across was from Rand Fishkin’s on Content Marketing Fails. Rand has done excellent job to present complex information in humorous way. The presentation is not only delightful but also provides the community with actionable advice on how to improve content marketing strategy.

If your presentation has lot of information to include, you need to make sure that it sustains consistency with things such as fonts, colours, borders. Proofreading for spelling and grammar errors is essential. Always use reputable sources if possible.

4. Infographics

Infographics is an excellent way to represent complex data and statistics and organizing them into an attractive and understandable visual display. To gain the full advantage of an infographic, it is necessary that design and layout is as impactful as possible. It should have right amount of color combination, shapes and fonts to convey your important data.

The information you should include in the infographic must be accurate (link to resources) and contextually relevant. Sometimes even the mundane data can work magically if presented with stunning visualizations.

Since readers love a good and an edifying infographic, so if you spread it within your community effectively, it has chances of getting maximum exposure. More shares means maximum eyeballs to your brand.

Utilise the visual content

Visual content can digest easily thus create maximum opportunities for your audience to love you. If you can produce high-quality visual content which truly make sense for your niche audience, then reputation of your brand will surely skyrocket.

Always keep your audience in mind while creating visual content and think about them because eventually they are the reason you are putting efforts for. Don’t waste your efforts.