There are many ideas existing in HTML5 which are still relatively new and are gradually making their way into websites, but for those front end developers who have already worked with HTML5 can definitely expect room for further improvement to make web development even simpler, quicker, and less error-prone websites.

So let’s find out about the possible features for HTML6 that could make website development efficient, better, slicker and simply stunning for web developers.

1) Dedicated Libraries

Web developers are quite aware that JavaScript programming has been transformed by jQuery. There are some websites that use standard cacheable versions of certain libraries hosted by companies like Google and Yahoo. But HTML6 should do better than this. If a significant number of designers approve a library, this could be distributed with the browser which can save even more time refreshing the cached version of jQuery 1.9.

2) More Control Over Video Objects

The modern digital world is seeking for additional control over the video on the websites. Till now it is available with just a rectangle that packs a set frame from a specific video and gives us control over a text track with annotations, subtitles etc. Well, HTML6 may embrace callback hooks and synchronization mechanisms which will be very useful to come up with the world class video experience on the web pages.

3) Camera Integration

Today we cannot expect the life without camera and microphone. We use these tools to connect with our friends and family. HTML6 will bring revolution in this sector. HTML6 will help us to efficiently access all media content stored in our device. You will have better control into your camera and microphone with HTML6. This advancement will help websites compete with apps.

4) Pluggable Pre-processors

Numbers of web developers are using preprocessors for translating languages such as CoffeeScript into JavaScript. This is one best solution to improve the code and further boost up the development process. HTML6 will improve the code optimization. This will open a new window of coding for web developers. Within a short time, you will able to create a layout of a website using HTML6.

5) Better Annotation

An enhanced HTML structure supports article annotations using paragraphs, sentences and words. Web developers are always seeking for a dynamic and powerful version, which provides annotations to image and videos. The HTML6 will offer annotations to videos and images.

6) Pluggable Languages

If you are addicted to JavaScript then you can make something stunning these days. But if you lack skills or avoid it, it’s hard to imagine a website being competitive enough for an audience which demands vibrant web browsing experience. Since all the browsers always speak with JavaScript, without it your browser would become dumb. I mean it’s unimaginable to build a perfect website in absence of JavaScript. HTML6 comes with pluggable languages. This will be best for web developer. They will be able to build unique designs within a short time.

7) Hardened Authentication

The browsers require offering high and fast authentication while accessing HTML6. Building trusted software could help both the browser and website to work effectively. For extreme confidentiality and security, instead of cookies web browser can offer sign token with embedded keys.

8) Stronger Micro-formats

Since HTML tags are different for headlines, footer and paragraphs, it is very important to create a standard web page details like parts of an address or a phone number. Standard tags will not only boost your website quality but also speed up the process of search engine optimization. Web developers can also use HTML6 to specify locations, dates, time, selling products etc.

9) Browser-sizing of imagery

The pixel size of any image varies from mobile to desktop screen. The HTML6 would suggest a preferred height and width for the best look of an image on different devices. This process will definitely provide best resolution.

10) Better Contact Information

HTML6 will provide really good Contact Information system. As browser shares the location information, sometimes we like to pull out our email or phone number for the devices database or contact information. Now, we have to cut and paste it.