Have you tried all the best possible SEO guidelines and followed all the white hat tricks in the book to have better rankings but it still doesn’t work? It’s a very common issue and fortunately there are ways getting around this.

SEO ChecklistLet’s find out some important points which can possibly help you out and make your SEO work.

--> Login to Google Webmaster Tool to check if you have received any Google Manual Penalty

Google Webmaster Tool is best and beautiful way to manage your website since it gives you access of all necessary aspects which are very useful as per SEO perspectives. This is the best medium to check whether or not you have Google penalty and what steps you should follow to address it.

To check penalty, navigate to “All Messages” tab. If there isn’t any message from Google about penalty then you should have sigh of relief and concentrate further on more efficient ethical ways to improve SEO.

--> Take a look on to your website indexation status and Crawl Stats

In the Google Webmaster Tool it’s important for you to check indexation rate. Notice particularly if you can see any drastic changes.

If you can see any sudden drops in your website crawl stats then it should be a technical SEO problem which can be resolved by getting Google to re crawl your website.

--> Google Analytics Tool to check for Traffic

Google Analytics is one of the best found and service offered by Google. It generates you all the necessary reports you need in order to build further effective marketing strategies.

Navigate to “Acquisition” tab in Google Analytics and then go to “Channels” and sort by dimension. Do months over months comparison to make sure isn’t something going wrong in your organic, referral and direct traffic your website is accommodating.

It is very easy to identify whether or not your website is suffering in organic traffic but it is worth to check you haven’t lost any important referral link traffic so that you could able to determine where the actual problem lies.

--> Analyze your Landing Page

It is a good strategy to take a look at your landing pages traffic. If you see any drastic changes in your landing pages then I think it’s a matter of concern. It is a great way to figure out why certain pages of your website have lost traffic. Do link analysis for that individual page to make sure there is no negative SEO performed, if so then disavow those bad links pointing to those web pages which you expect to draw good traffic.

--> Check your Sitemap

Make sure your website .xml is present in Google webmaster tool. In webmaster tool, navigate to your domain and click “Crawl” and select “Sitemaps” option in drop down menu. By clicking on that option you can figure out whether Google has encountered any problem or issue with your website. If yes then take appropriate steps to get those issues solved.

--> Check Robots.txt File

Check your website Robots.txt file and make sure you don’t detect any funny thing like important pages not getting consumed by Search Engines. Robots.txt file is a gateway of your website that helps search robots to identify what action to take on your website. Checking your website Robots.txt file will let you verify what pages you may still have blocked and fix them accordingly. Disallowing important pages knowingly or unknowingly can lead to a drastic drop in your website traffic.

--> Check Individual Pages for No Index

Just because a page isn’t blocked by your website robots.txt file that doesn’t mean it is being crawled by search robots. It is fair necessary to check the code of pages. Go through each of your pages and make sure that you don’t detect ‘No Index’ tags in the header code of the page.

General list of ongoing activities to be performed for consistent improvement in traffic and rankings:

  • Updating your website with quality and engaging content. Best way to do this is through Blog, Portfolio, Testimonials, News etc.
  • Generating high quality backlinks through guest posts and other important reputed places like client websites, partners, memberships and certifications etc.
  • Following the latest modern website development trends such as having creative responsive website implemented with a SEO friendly CMS system.
  • Drawing maximum traffic through active and regularly updated social profiles. Social profile reputation play huge part in today's SEO.
  • Promoting services and content through social network medium.
  • Getting rid of bad spammy links which may be coming from cheap link farms. It’s a laborious activity. You will need to write to site admin to remove link of our website first and you will have to prepare list to submit to Google to disavow bad links.