Magento ecommerce supports number of Payment Gateways. We have compiled best and popular Magento Payment Gateway extension which our Magento development team has worked and come across. You can download these extensions easily from Magento official website.

Top Magento Payment Gateways Extensions

Fontis Australia

Fontis Australia – magento payment gateway extension has been projected to provide the most of the functionality needed to run the Magento store in Australia. This magento extension includes all the necessary payment and shipping methods that help make customer buying experience even smooth and happy.

This magento extension works smoothly with almost all Magento versions.


ePAy payment gateway extension is for the Scandinavian. ePay is the leading payment gateway system in Scandinavia which offers payment solution to both small and large eCommerce companies.

It is one of the flexible, effective and built to provide very easy and fast payment solutions for users.

It is compatible with almost all magento versions.


With above 45000 downloads, PAYONE is one of the most successful payment gateway extension for Magento.  It is fully automated and integrated with risk management for your Magento store.

PAYONE is certified to the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and meets all the strict security arrangements for the credit card data protection.

Fontis Paymate

Fontis Paymate extension enables Express payments through Magento. Ecommerce stores those have integrated this extension buyers from such stores will be directed to the Paymate site to make the payments.

Paymate is available for New Zealand and Australia retailers.

Fontis Payment Express

Payment Express payment gateway extension is mainly available for Australian and New Zealand sellers. It integrates Direct Payment Solution PX Post payment gateway service.

WorldPay Extension

WorldPay payment gateway magento extension is developed by Phoenix Media, a magento gold partner.

The extension provides WorldPay payment integration that enables payment through an existing merchant account. The extension is highly secure that supports secure credit card payment including callback facility. There is no PCI DSS Certifications needed since all the payment information is transmitted through worldPay’s payment form.

The extension is compatible with almost all Magento versions.


With more than 85000 download, BankPayment extension is most popular payment solution which notifies buyer to which bank account she/he has to transfer amount.

The extension allows admin to enter one or more bank accounts in the payment configuration which can be seen to the customer at the time of checkout.

LinkPoint API Payment Module for Magento - FirstData

The FirstData was originally called LinkPoint.

Essential note: if you have First Data Global Gateway account then it is recommended to download any of the one extension given below instead.

The extension allows you to process the credit card payments through FirstData within your store.


Cash on Delivery, magento payment solution allows you to book additional fee on delivery depending on domestic or international delivery.

The extension is maintained by Phoenix Media.

PSiGate API Payment Module Dual Currency USD and CAD

PSiGate API Payment Extension using PSiGate’s XML API and Curl PHP library for USD and CAD.

You should be having dual currency Magento shop and dual currency PSiGate account. The setting up cost is inclusive.

Metodo de pago Servired (La Caixa)

The extension is for the Spanish payment gateway Serired/SERMEPA. The Servired is the Spain popular payment system which has been involved in the enhancement and promotion of the safe electronic business.

Eway Rapid Australia

One of the easy to configure payment gateway extension for Magento that enable you to do payment transaction with eWay payment gateway from client side as well as it allows placing order from admin side.

For Magento, installing and setting up eWay is extremely simple and quick. For store owners it is hassle free, quick transfer of funds and technically it is highly secure.

eWay Rapid Austraila has been tasted on several Magento versions and it works perfectly.

Fontis Westpac PayWay and QuickGateway

This extension uses the Westpac PayWay and QuickGateway payment gateway for the credit card payments.

Fontis NAB Transact

The extension provides the integration with NAB Transact Gateway interface. The extension supports only payments and refunds, void or pre-authorization are not added in the extension yet.

Optimal Payments CollinsHarper

The extension for Magento is used to process the payments through Optimal Payments. Extension supports authorization, capture, purchase and refunds (partial refunds) within your Magento.

Authipay (of AIB Merchant Services) Payment Module for Magento

This extension integrates Authipay Gateway for payments with your Magento store. It allows you to collect the credit cards payments.

It supports the payments from credit cards through VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club International, Maestro, Discover, Laser and American Express.

Please share your favorite payment gateways extension for magento below in comment box.