On 1st of January 2014, we now have entered our 5th year as a professional website development company with a proud history of some outstanding achievements year by year. It’s absolutely amazing to see a company started with a total team of 5 is now a well bonded family of amazingly talented 30 team members.

The day started with our staff coming early to office to execute their plan of decorating our office with blue and white balloons. Not a single one stayed at home on sick leave. Everyone except the Directors came in nice and early… actually this was a surprise to the Directors. Dress code decided was black shirt and blue trousers.

KGN Anniversary

A warm welcome was given to the Directors on their entry by our entire lovely staff. It was indeed a completely overwhelming and much appreciated response from our entire team. Absolutely amazing…the spirit, the unity, the enthusiasm of all the staff was so great. You wouldn’t think of having such an amazing time anywhere else.

So the signs were clear – It was a day going to be full of fun and there wasn’t any mood of anyone wanting to work. A ritual cake cutting ceremony was done by the hands of our Directors and a wonderful gift was presented by our staff to the management.

We all played interactive games. The first one was a lucky draw: All our staff had a pick up a chit with numbers written in it and there were gifts for each number. Everyone really enjoyed it. There were chocolates, head sets, perfumes and watches to be won…. vow!

The second game was a lovely ‘Fish Pond’. Quite familiar and we couldn’t stop laughing at funny names and punch lines written for many of us. No one was spared… it was one of the best sessions of joy one would have ever had at KGN Technologies.

Finally we all went for a lunch together at a nearby restaurant to fill up our bellies to it’s full strength. Awesome Indian food made our day. Everyone seem to have enjoyed this wonderful celebration!

“The true strength of any successful company is the TEAM. The love, affection, friendliness and the hardwork our team has exhibited to us on our Anniversary and throughout the year gives us more confidence to be more successful. We are proud of our KGN Technologies and pray to GOD that we achieve more success and share many more joyful moments together”