Magento Security Patches

If you read Magento news on regular basis then this might not be the surprising one for you. But if you are new to the Magento industry then you should take actions as soon as possible after going through this important article about security for Magento websites. Magento stated that some security issues have been detected in Magento powered websites which requires security patches to be installed on earliest basis. Let’s dig down about it  and what steps you should follow to make your Magento store invulnerable.

SUPEE-5344 - SUPEE-1533 / Magento issued another security patch for all editions – SUPEE-5994 just a few days back

Last year Magento has confirmed about security hole being detected and labeled SUPEE-1533. And in very short time of period, another dangerous exploit was chatted and labeled SUPEE-5344. However to close these vulnerable holes, security patches are available but still many websites haven’t taken necessary steps and remains as a vulnerable and unpatched, inviting hackers to steel their important data or ruin website relentlessly. While many Magento shops are being victimized due to these vulnerabilities, it’s a wake-up call for online shop owners to contact their Magento developers and take proper care if they want to keep serving their customers with secure browsing facility. Many expert Magento developers have already talked about the seriousness of these issues and why it is significant to take necessary steps without wasting a second. So apply the Magento security Patch now!

Recent Magento News:

In order to make Magento even stronger and safe, Magento has recently released a new patch labeled SUPEE-5994, where multiple critical securities issues have been fixed and this patch needs to be deploy to all Magento Community and Enterprise stores urgently. This patch addresses multiple issues including scenario where hackers can gain access to customer details. Based on confirmed news, almost all versions of Magento community Edition software have been impacted and Magento strongly recommends installing this security patch without delaying further.

What If Your Shop Gets Hacked?

When you wake up in the morning and try to access your amazing shop and you see a horrible message “Your website is hacked”, what will you do? If your Magento shop is hacked using any of the above vulnerabilities mentioned, then many things can happen. And probably you don’t want to see any of them, right? As a proof, the SUPEE-5344 vulnerability was used by hackers to provide additional discount on some products.

Based on reports, following are the modifications made by hackers that include:

  • Unknown, new admin users found in the Magento backend
  • Mysterious orders made with no charges
  • Attempt to modify core files
  • New Magento module uploaded in order to modify important files easily
  • Upload PHP backdoors


What should you do? Simply, patch. And if you don’t need patch make sure you have installed latest version of Magento software and double-check for the security holes.

Still you think your website is safe enough as you have some firewall, it is sensible to patch anyway.

To determine if your site has been patched, visit the below link:

In some cases, manual patch procedure is required. If you need a help to deploy the patches or fix your hacked shop or want to enhance security level of your Magento shop, please contact us today, we will get back you ASAP and will see that we can bulletproof your Magento web shop.