Online retailing is not an easy job as it involves hours of efforts, research, time and expenses to build an effective and successful online business brand. However, for small businesses circumstances may not in their favor all the time and due to budget limits proper analysis is often overlooked therefore many of them face failure. But new techniques and analysis might help diminish the dark shades of flagrant problems causing your website to lose sales and important customers.

After days of research and collected user feedbacks and complaints, here we have narrowed down some top issues which could be the reasons preventing website visitors from converting to customer.

1. Price

Price is one of the top issues which influence customers most when purchasing online. In order to set up successful online business, transparency and user-friendliness is the key which help maintain brand online reputation as well as leave strong foot prints in online retail game. It is always recommended to compare your price with your competitors as it is obvious that customer would pick those first who offers little more than others. One advice would be to focus on the “deal of the week” and offering amazing discounts on products to satisfy price-conscious customers.

2. Website Functionalities

Today we are surrounded with pretty bunch of open source software’s which comes with ever growing list of features that help build online store exactly in the way you need. This software’s are enclosed with loads of advance features and having ability to add third-party tools for further extending website functionality and performance to make online buying easy and hassle-free. To survive in high towering competition era, you need to meet the customer’s expectation and need to install advance functionalities such as product filter, advance search, wish lists and guest checkout etc. and the list goes on. The overall idea is to have those functionalities which give your customer and easy and most user-friendly experience such as easy finding of products, smooth and quick check out, good product description, high quality image, clear and easily understandable cost calculation and shipping.

3. Product Specification

Many online stores suffer poor performance due to incomplete and unclear product descriptions. To run successful online shop, you need to make sure that your products descriptions are detailed enough and well-presented so that visitors find exactly same information that they would get in physical store. When it comes to Fashion and cloth store, it is essential to provide sizing information and material used thus customers could have better idea.

4. Shipping Information

Most of the carts get abandoned due to inappropriate shipping information. Presenting complicated and puzzling method for delivery could lead to significant loss in sales thus it is recommended to show easy to digest and transparent shipping information. When it comes to international shipping, displaying shipping prices in destination currencies could also benefits along with expected delivery time and date.

5. Product Images/Videos

Buying online is completely different to shopping in physical shop. In online buying customer have no ability to feel and touch the products, the only source available is Product Image & Video. Customers would expect to see what they are actually buying therefore providing high quality multiple images from multiple angles with zooming ability and high quality video could change the game completely.

6. Website Loading Time

Slow loading website is a huge concern as it leads to high bounce rate which ultimately decrease business revenues. Customers hate to wait around for a webpage to load completely. You should benchmark your website load time against your competitors and act accordingly.