If you are a small business owner and if you don’t have the budget to assemble a top-tier digital marketing team, you’d certainly need some great online tools to take your marketing to the next level. Well, to help you reach your marketing goals, here we have put together some exceptional tools that you’d be happy to use.

Here we start,


One of the best design tools, Canva can help you create the image for social media and blog posts. The optimized sizes and off-the-rack template make it fast and easy to create large images for Pinterest, rectangular ones for Facebook, Twitter, Square or Instagram.


In order to ensure, you are spending your content marketing dollars correctly, you can use BuzzSumon to research the content that your audience is really looking for. You just require to enter the keyword or backlink into BuzzSumo and you will get the detailed report showing how previous content on that topic performed.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you much information in terms of tracking the traffic of your website. It will provide you all the required data you need to further strengthen your digital marketing campaign. Best thing is, it is available for free.


If you want to track what people are talking about you and your competitors then Mention perhaps is the good online tool which will help you track key phrases and brand names in real time so that you never miss out an interaction with current and potential customers.


You must be curious to know how your visitors are actually using your website – what section of your website they are staying for long, where they click and how far they scroll etc. Hotjar is the tool which shows you exactly what your visitors are doing in form of heatmaps, clickmaps and users recording.


If you want to personally reach out any of your website users, then Autosend can be the best tool. It will help you automatically send the personalized targeted email and test messages to every customer based on their activities they do on your website. As if you want to reach out to each person who joins your newsletter, you can do this using Autosend. So any time when customers make purchase or join or even check at a particular FAQ question, you can send a personal message to them proactively.

Simply Measured

This free online service enterprise level analytics and management for big brands and their social efforts. It has offers range of free tools to measure your social activities.

Following are the reports you can get from this tool:

  • Twitter Customer Service Analysis
  • Twitter Follower Report
  • Facebook Content Analysis
  • Facebook Fan Page Report
  • Facebook Insights Report
  • Facebook Competitive Analysis
  • Instagram User Report
  • Social Traffic Report
  • Traffic Source Report
  • Google+ Page Report
  • Vine Analysis


According to statistics, more than 85 percent of mid and small businesses get customers through word of mouth. If you want to get new businesses, then create your own referral program using ReferralSnip. This will help you set up a referral program within a minute. You just require enter the company details, design and snippet and rest of the thing your customer will do for you, they can start referring new customers to your business.

Open Site Explorer

One of the great free tools to check your domain and page authority. It will also provide you the details of backlinks your website has gained and from which source. This tool can be very useful for competitor analysis.


When it’s comes about video marketing, then usually first platform which comes in your mind is, YouTube. Well, it is quick and easy but it comes with less control and potentially some unrelated ads or suggestions. Wistia can be the effective video marketing platform because it will keep people on your page and send them where you want them to go.


If people visit your website that doesn’t mean they will convert also and this is why it is recommend optimising your website with the tool like Picreel, which will help you capture the attention of visitor when they are leaving with customizable exit offers.


If you want find and qualify leads on Twitter, you can do with Socedo. It will help you discover the social prospects that match you custom criteria then qualifies them through predefined engagement workflow. It also help you favorite tweets, follow prospects and send direct messages to start a conversation.