A success of ecommerce website heavily depends on the way products are photographed and presented in front of potential buyers. The more realistic and close look they can have, it helps them gain confidence in the product and makes the further order placing process easy. Providing potential customers with quality product images is one such feature that every magento eCommerce websites should possess.

Apart from high quality images, it is mandatory to enable your users to view products in zoom. This helps them view in detail the features of the products. Through zoom feature, customers can get better and bigger view of products. So the logic is quite simple – the more attractive and clear your product image is the end results will definitely be more revenue generating.  In Magento eCommerce there are number of extensions available to facilitate Product Zoom functionality. We have compiled here the some of the best product zoom magento extensions our Magento developer team has come across through our experience.

Here the Few Best Product Zoom Magento Extensions

Product Image Zoom Magento Extension

The Product Image Zoom, magento extension makes it possible to display a magnified product image without leaving the catalog list in a Magento eCommerce store. Moving cursor over product image will display the larger picture next the thumbnail of product image. This extension gives a quick product zoom feature. With the use of Product Image Zoom extension, you don’t require to add the additional images, the original product image will overlaid over other product images and customer would have fantastic view of product. It works fine with light as well as with dark product images.

Zoom for Magento Products

If you want to give your potential customers a pixel perfect and detailed texture, color or pattern sense of your products, Zoom for Magento extension could the one ideal choice for you since it provides the magnifying effect in very stylish and elegant ways as customer hover over the product image. Zoom for Magento is one easy to install and integrate magento extension which shows the zoom effect of all your product images elegantly and enable you three different types of zoom to choose from. With Zoom for Magento extension gives you an added advantage that, it enables you to set up the size of the original product in through admin interface.

Zoom Pro

With the utilization of Zoom Pro – magento product zoom extension, you have great opportunity to enhance the visual demonstration of your product significantly. With the use of Zoom Pro magneto extension, let your customers view all the features and details of your products to leave no doubt their choice is 110% accurate.


  • Elegant zoom effects for both main and thumbnail product images
  • Customers can have facility to view the zoom product images at category pages
  • So many other options for zoom and lightbox configuration

Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Zoom Plus – magento product zoom extension enable your customer let view the product images on mouse hover or click and enlarge the image into the entire screen. The extension uses the CSS and JavaScript to achieve the great view and effect. The HTML is neat & clean and W3C validated and works fine on all advanced browsers including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera and IE. Additionally, the extension is iPad and iPhone compliant and to view the product image zoom version, simply taps the image and you can view the zoom version of product image.


  • Different product options
  • Different configuration for different themes
  • Displays the additional selection on category page
  • Image clipped can be ignored

VS Product Image Zoom - Featurezoom

VS Product Image Zoom magento extension provide you product zoom functionality over product detail page for product images.

The extension let you view the magnified area of any image by moving mouse cursor over the image. A larger view of image appears on the screen next to the main image. Users will have ability to toggle he zoom level by using the mousewheel. This magento product zoom extension provides everything user needs to make sure their selection of product is right.


This extension enables you to use all the great features of the new Cloud Zoom in your magento store. The extension works very well on all your Magento product images and associated gallery images.

The CloudZoom, magento product zoom extension is developed by QuaraSoft. It is the simple and quick way to show professional zoom effect of your product image on product detail page.

The extension integrates Cloud Zoom effect with magento and all the setting of this effect is available in configuration.

Magento ProZoom

ProZoom is a magento product zoom extension which replaces the default magento zoom functionality with flexible JavaScript zoom widget. Admin can have full control over the extension look and behavior and customer can have the great zooming view of product images.


  • Easy one minute installation process
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • View the image with on hover lens or click on image to view in full screen
  • There is no need of jQuery or JavaScript library
  • Fully configurable from admin section including overall look, lens behavior, image size and effect setting
  • It won’t replace any magento core files

CueBlocks Zoom

CubeBlocks Zoom is Magento extension that surrogates the default product zoom functionality with jQuery zoom. This magento zoom extension enables your customer view the particular area of image in larger view that shows up on the screen next to the main image. In order to get the better view of zoom functionality for this extension, you need to upload product image equal or greater than 800*800 pixels.