It was a time when lengthy written content embedded with lots of keywords was the pattern adopted by almost all the websites. Certainly it was a trick to get website top into search results. But in order to deliver most relevant and quality search results, Google has introduced two powerful weapons named Panda and Penguin and these two algorithms have dramatically improved the quality of search results. Along with content quality, today websites focused on providing better user engagement are getting higher rankings in Google than a website that completely overlooks the UI/UX and focuses on boring, lengthy and keyword stuffed content which is really an out dated SEO strategy now.

These days people are more involved in seeing the information rather than reading about it. Images and videos have become very vital in conveying information to people. Ofcourse content is also important but the winning strategy will really include combination of attractive photographs/graphics/videos/animated slides and engaging/interactive content.

Importance of Visual Images

Today there are so many contents written on same topic floating on the web but how can you justify your content? Chances are high that your content may get lost or ignored if it looks to be copied, poor grammar, spelling mistakes, dull layout (visual presentation) or just long text without any images or videos or graphics. Believe me; people hate this and so does Search Engines now. According to studies, brains not only process visual content faster but they are more likely to retain and transmit much faster when it’s delivered visually.

Visual Importance

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Why You Should Use Visual Contents?

Quality images, interactive videos, illustrations, unique infographics and even fun memes help web users to easily and quickly understand the information. They tend to stop users scrolling down further and engage viewers almost instantly and the impression they leave lasts longer than lengthy content. Since Google emphasis more on the user engagement, integrating visually attractive images and videos in websites certainly holds value in gaining top rankings in search results.

Mobile Usage is Rising Intensely


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Given that increasing amount of people are becoming more dependent on mobile devices. We are a generation of busy people and don’t have time to go through an entire 700 or so words article on mobile devices. We are not saying that no one reads complete content but the probability of users responding more to visual graphics will be lot higher that the ones making effort going through entire lengthy textual content. Today mobile users in particular demand for more quality images, infographics and fun videos. The same strategy is highly beneficial for businesses by using high quality images and videos as way to present services or products to users than explaining through words. If you are not producing any video or quality images as part of your marketing campaign, you might lose a huge community of potential customers using mobile.

A great visual represent on Mobile Marketing you may find interesting?

Getting Loved on Social Media

Today, almost all businesses love to be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest etc. When it comes to marketing business, these social channels are top target markets and visual content captures more eyes than a simple text posts. Few popular photo sharing websites such as Instagram and Pinterest are among the top traffic generators than other social websites. So how visual content become an element of success in social media? Visual contents are not only enjoyable to see but are also easier to share. In social media to increase brand awareness and value, shareability is the key element. According to study conducted by AOL Research in April 2011 stated that, 27 million piece of online content are shared online every very day. This is the figure from 2011 so you can imagine the rise in volume of content shared now when the technology is on it peak and each person almost half of the day spends over internet.

An Excellent Infographics Describing Social Media 2014 Statistics

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To Welcome Conversions

Undoubtedly, every marketer makes efforts to build social marketing campaign for one goal – increase conversions. With visual content you could see a conversion arrow moving up since website with an awesome design, feed with relevant and quality images, videos and infographics, is more likely to build a strong impression on potential customers and gain more sales. Also according to MDG Advertising statistics, 67% of online customers consider quality, clear and detailed images to be more important than product information. Customers are more likely to buy products online if the product is showcased with good quality image and they can see even minor detail clearly.

And if you want to use words…

Make sure it is simple and concise. Here is the blog tells you what should be the ideal length of everything online you willing to do.  Make sure it’s engaging and not dictating.