JQuery FlashJQuery vs. Flash is indeed a debatable topic in web world these days and if you really are not much aware about the differences between both these systems then it would be very difficult to identify which one is better among these two. Thus, in this article you will find some pros and cons that can help you decide the reliable one.

In the absence of JavaScript, earlier web designers were completely relying on Flash to add the interactive and attractive effects on web browsers. Since JavaScript programming came into the picture, it has become easier for web designers to add the rich content and give animated effects on web pages. JQuery was built to serve as a library that is derived from Java programming language to boost rich media web page development process. Earlier JavaScript was not supported by all range of browsers therefore web designers had to struggle to add intuitive and attractive features in websites.

JQuery has remarkably cut off the total time required for web development and helped web designers to add interactive features in their routine web solutions effortlessly.

The difficulty of implementing CSS and some critical issues with Flash has made the JQuery superlative and reliable solution to the issues such as DOM transverse and AJAX interaction, even handling and animation.

The quality of JQuery enables web designer to build websites which are cross browser compatible and all the interactive features of websites works smoothly over all major platforms. Web pages build using JQuery has an added advantage over flash that is web pages can be viewed clearly on spectrum of digital devices such as tablets and range of smartphones. JQuery is also equipped with better compatible features that are lacking in Flash that makes easy for designer to add 3D effects, multimedia, animation effects and much more.

Here are the Pros and Cons of using JQuery

Pros of jQuery

  • Huge community support
  • DOM manipulation is so easy
  • AJAX Interaction has become so easy
  • Wide range of plug-ins available
  • Errors can be identified easily and get solved quickly
  • Interactive range of webpage elements and tags
  • Cross-browser compatible and work smoothly over smartphones and tablets
  • Skinnable form components UI

Cons of jQuery

  • Few complex features may not work effectively like flash
  • Limited 3D features
  • Source code is not secured

Here are the Pros and Cons of using Flash

Pros of Flash

  • Amazing range of features
  • Great 3D capabilities
  • Perform efficiently in supported browsers range
  • More Font options
  • Lots of free and premium tools

Cons of Flash

  • Search engines boots resist Flash items thus webpage gets low ranking
  • Not compatible with all range of browsers and mobile devices (flash plug-in compulsory)
  • Webpage take long time to load therefore chances of evading are high
  • There are lots of security issues with Flash Player
  • Require to buy Flash in order to build Flash content