The previous penguin update (Penguin 2.0) has impacted around 2.3% of queries which was comparatively high than recent update. In recent penguin (2.1) update there is around 1% of queries affected and has been considered as the slight improved version of Penguin 2.0. Mix response has been received in current penguin update; some has found improvement in their rankings while many have found serious drops in rankings. Several popular SEO forums have already extensively debated on this issue and there is an atmosphere of slight panic and anxiety amongst businesses who have suffered setback inspite of clean and hard worked SEO strategy and are desperately looking for advice on how to recover from this latest Google Penguin pandemic. In a single night many websites went from zero to hero and hero to zero.

On Friday October 4th, the face of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts has announced the release of penguin algorithm update which Google itself called ‘Penguin version 2.1’.

penguine 2.1 matt cutts

This single announcement has really got wide spread attentions and spread panic and fear in SEO community.

The latest penguin release was effective but on industries discussion forums, many webmasters have companied that even though they have adopted white hat SEO tactics but still they got slapped from this penguin (2.1) update and there are many brands who have been escaped without suffering any damaging having questionable and unnatural back links. Anyways rather than getting involved in blaming Google let’s think what can really help to recover and how much time it will take to get back to the original positions.

Google Webmaster Guideline is the best thing to follow and apply.

The Primary Goal of Website should be that it is made for the visitors and not for the search engines

Things to check and latest SEO promotion factors:

  • Check if your site is note black listed.
  • Spammy backlinks are the main culprit of getting blacklisted or facing setback.
  • Avoid high volume directory and bookmarks submission.
  • Backlinks from reputed and high page rank websites will be valuable contributor (Google Link Schemes)
  • Avoid obsessing over one keyword; diversify your anchor text keyword selection.
  • Have Quality, Interactive and Engaging Content on website.
  • Blogs on website help in contributing valuable content and also it gives opportunity to regularly update content. Search Engines love fresh and unique content.
  • Social Media Reputation and Engagement directly affects your website popularity; particularly Google+, FB, Linkedin and Twitter profiles.
  • Use multimedia tools like Image Galleries, Videos, and animated slides etc which are more attention grabbers and keep visitors hooked up on your website. This helps in reducing bounce rate and improving conversion.
  • Adopt Modern, User friendly, CMS based, and Responsive Website development structure.
  • Provide intuitive and easy website navigation
  • Guest Article publishing on reputed sources helps heaps. Web2.0 off page content publishing and content marketing really helps in boosting search engine ranks.
  • Regular check Google WMT to determine whether Google has detected any spam activity in your website or not
  • Make sure your website loading time must be less
  • Make sure your website can be crawl by search engines spiders easily
  • Submit your website sitemap to Google
  • And, here is the complete guide to build the perfectly optimized page

So the message from Penguin 2.1 update is astoundingly clear. Your website must be overall valuable and any bad practices are going to put you right at the back and it will take ages to recover. Focus on having simple, valuable, easy to use and interactive website.