The web development industry is going through an exciting phase as world class state of the art technologies are available along with various tools, resources and constantly improving trends which are contributing in making the overall work on web development much efficient, quick, productive and more importantly enjoyable.


The change looks very promising and exciting for future. Let’s find out the reasons behind it and also how the web development is evolving.

Mobile – devices and smart phones hold up an enormous market share. Web developers are making efforts to develop websites and applications which can give mobile users best experience and with that one major factor is that it has resulted in the rise of single page web applications. Web visitors on mobile devices are getting used to accessing smooth, fast, creative and user-friendly websites.

This latest trend of single page website offers great benefits like fast loading, quick server response and the page can also work off line. There are many Front end Frameworks available which can be used such as Bootstrap, Foundation etc. which helps in quick and easy development of prototype and creatively brilliant front-end of the websites fulfilling the basics of latest web development requirements.

From the design and layout perspective a slight concerning factor is to give different look and feel as many single page websites are found to be adopting similar layout structure. To standout, be attractive and draw in traffic that has potential to convert, it needs some creativity and smart work. So there is a bit of challenge here for web designers but with availability of brilliant creative minds, tools and technology it’s not that difficult.

At KGN Technologies we work with many creative and reputed digital web agencies and most of the designs we get are unique, with personality and character. We love to work on such exceptionally creative designs. Increasing number of websites now prefer to hire professional photographers and use actual photographs of their staff, offices and design their own unique brand icons rather than searching on the web and using readily available images or vector icons from stock photography websites.

These days’ websites are not only just using custom and real photographs; there is also an increasing trend to use well edited bespoke videos, info graphs and audio files.

The other factor is inclusion of animations and creative interactive graphics to give websites a unique look and rich user experience. Frameworks for JavaScript animation (jQuery, Angular JS) are much used raising the web page interactivity to new heights and also the UI design standards are reaching high standards.

For animations (to name a few animation libraries) we use Bounce.js, Animate.css, Magic Animations, DynCSS, Hover.css etc. Since most of our clients are creative and professional digital agencies they always look out for exceptional and innovative interactive animation effects and our team’s grip on these fantastic libraries results in the production of outstanding modern websites with out of the box and impressive animations.

Furthermore we also have Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG which is vector image format used for developing resolution free and rich vector graphics that perform smoothly on any screen size. There are many Javascript animation libraries which we quite often for creating powerful web animations and that certainly give our clients confidence in our skills.

The above presentation is a snippet of some of the latest web development trends we follow. We are extremely passionate and love the evolution happening with more and more new things being introduced. We love this journey and excited of its future.