Before getting start with how to increase conversion rate, it becomes necessary to understand first, what is conversion rate? Conversion rate is a ratio of completed transactions on your store. In simple word, it is the ratio of total purchases that has been made from your store or products sold out.

Here is the simple formula on calculating your store conversion rate:

Conversion rate = Total conversions/Total number of visits*100

What low conversion means to business?

  • Low conversion rate is a matter of concern to identify problems with your webstore.
  • It’s a sign to seriously take necessary steps to improve performance of your store
  • Your website is failing to attract and encourage visitors to do business with you.
  • Your business is loosing valuable leads of which your competitors may be taking advantage.
  • Low conversion is a direct result of adopting poor online strategy which also affects your reputation in the market.

So if you want to overcome these hurdles and improve performance the bottom line is your website has to be upto the standards – good design, easy, providing value and people enjoy their experience. This will automatically result in good conversion. Bring in the leads in one aspect which can be done through various marketing techniques but to convert is the ultimate goal because that’s what is going to generate real revenue.

Following are the proven practices help you increase your eCommerce store conversion rate:


Website speed matters a lot. Low loading website often is overlooked by visitors. Take necessary steps to enhance your website speed and provide happy shopping experience to your potential customers. Fast loading website impressively decreases your store abandons.

Few minor tweaks can help you deliver fast loading website:

  • Enable cache
  • Clean up inactive pages and remove obsolete products from your store
  • Compress image size, combine CSS and JS into one file, using CDN
  • Archive old orders

Tailored product images

Provide high quality product images with view in zoom facility. Customer are more likely to buy products delivering complete description, you can demonstrate your customer about how to use product through video.

Faceted search

The term Faceted Search is also called faceted navigation or browsing. It is a technique allowing customers to explore collection of information by applying multiple filters. By configuring advance search tool into your eCommerce store, you are allowing your customers to easily find the product they want based on attributes like color, size and price etc.

Indicate clear CTAs

Make use of clear and compelling call to action in your store. Maintain clear and assessable text on the CTA buttons. Dont confuse your visitors with difficult or untried words.

Make your store mobile ready

Turn your eCommerce store ready to fly over multiple digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads. Design your store with responsive approach, by doing this you just require to manage single version of your website.

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Easy checkout

One-step-checkout is highly recommended since customers dont need to follow the long process and just by single form filling, they are done. Install popular one -step-checkout extension in your store and make your customers shopping downy.

Offer exciting gift and coupons

Planning for exciting gifts and coupons is great idea as it is proven technique to attract customers. Give customer a solid reason to stay long and made purchase from you and that could be possible only if they are getting good discount.

Include multiple payment option

Credit card is most commonly used payment method, but some people prefer to by other known methods too. Dont limit down your customer with few payment options only. Give them option to choose their reliable, preferable and trusted payment options.

Hope you guys like the practices which I have mentioned above. Implementing these techniques would play great role in the enhancement of your eCommerce website conversion rate to a great extent. Feel free to suggest your experience regarding how you have enhanced your website conversion rate below in comment section. Your valuable suggestions would really help the beginners.