Engaging ContentSince the latest Google Algorithm update; Panda, it has become eminent for success of website that it must have valuable, informative and engaging content that people really like to read and share. Content written with the intention of getting acknowledged by search engines is almost an outdated method.  Those websites perform outstandingly well all around which have a) Good Reputation b) Modern Design and Easy – user-friendly Navigation c) Great content which exists for the sole purpose of providing real information and d) Complying to all web standards. Website really needs to deliver what your target audience is looking for.  The value of good content is highly important and it plays a vital role in website promotion as well as having conversion.

Below we have tried to answer how to get majority of visits from your real targeted audience and how being creative in writing quality content can help increase your website conversions.

Attempt Real Question

You will notice several websites who would just publish any damn content stuffed with keywords for the sake of increasing traffic and believing that keywords will be nicely picked up by Search Engines resulting in higher rankings – this is completely outdated and wrong method to publish topics which are completely insignificant. Your website content needs to be engaging. It should be interactive delivering information that people would like to read. Further it should draw right target audience and be engaging giving visitors’ opportunity to ask you questions or put their feedback through comments or social media. It is worth doing research in advance planning the strategy for publishing content on and off your site, deciding on target audience, selecting right social medium and groups to promote your content and also react/answer to comment and feedback posted about your content.

Connect With Real People

Your inbound and outbound both traffic drawing activity must be focused on connecting with right target audience. This is the only way you can have high conversion.  The strategy of designing, developing and promoting your website should highly depend on your initial research of your target audience. Same strategy should be applied for content too. Be precise and talk to the point. Ask questions and let people give you feedback, share their experience about your services/products, rate your services or products. The more valuable your content is and the more it is appreciated, liked and shared, you will automatically experience promotion in search engines.

Avoid Extra Rings And Bells

Good speakers know how to structure the content that helps holds listeners attention. Rather making content lengthy ensure that your content is having breaks (paragraphs), subtitles and relevant images. This would make your content less scary and feel much easier to read. Be professional and relevant.

Let People Know That The Author Is Human Not A Robot

Internet world is so big and deluge with lots of information’s. Author reputation also matters a lot. It is highly advisable to use a professional profile which has your real name and photograph attached.

Hope above information is useful for you. You can share your thoughts please.