The Dyson V8 Animal is a really portable, cordless stick Vacuum Cleaners ( It does an extraordinary job cleaning bare floorings and is excellent on rugs as well. You can change it right into a handheld mode, as well as it features a range of brushes and tools, so it’s a good option for cleaning up furniture or your car. Nevertheless, its battery life is simply okay, as it can be consumed swiftly if you utilize the much more powerful mode and also is slow to recharge. Fortunately, it’s very simple to maintain and also incurs virtually no recurring costs.



The dust container is made from see-through plastic and really feels particularly breakable, like it may damage if gone down. On the bonus side, it’s truly very easy to set up, as well as it has a switch you can push to unclip components or tools, so taking it apart is straightforward, also Small Vacuum Cleaner (



This vacuum cleaner is somewhat simple to keep. While some parts require maintenance, each is very easy to gain access to Best Handheld Vacuum (

Dirt compartment: The dirt compartment is fairly tiny so it needs frequent emptying. Sadly, debris can spread while you’re emptying it.
Filter A: This filter requires to be washed once a month with cold water.
Filter B (HEPA): The HEPA filter also requires to be cleaned once a month with cold water.
Lint screen: Depending upon your use, you require to clean this screen when necessary by removing the dust from it.
Motorized head and tool: When needed, you can clean the mini motorized tool and device by getting rid of debris or twisted hair.
Turbo brush: Much like the motorized head and toll, you have to get rid of particles as well as tangled hair from the turbo brush when essential.
Any part that you clean along with water needs to be actually enabled to completely dry carefully for 24 hr just before being actually re-installed in the vacuum.


Best Vacuum Cleaner (

Recurring Cost

The Dyson V8 Animal vacuum incurs basically no repeating expenses. Just like various other Dyson vacuum cleaners like the Dyson V11 Animal and also Dyson V7 Animal, it makes use of a bagless layout, so you do not require to worry about purchasing dirtbags. The filters shouldn’t require to be replaced as long as they’re maintained in a right way. Nevertheless, if any kind of part breaks or gets lost, you can buy replacements straight from the manufacturer’s website.



Height 45.08 in (114.5 cm)
Width 9.84 in (25.0 cm)
Depth 12.80 in (32.5 cm)
Cord Storing/Management Not Required
On-Board Tool Storage No
Vacuum Rack/Station Yes
The Dyson V8 Animal is alright to store. When it’s not in use, it has a wall shelf station that holds it upright. The terminal has on-board storage for only two tools, so, unfortunately, you require to look for somewhere else to save the remainder of them.


Dirt Compartment

Dirt Compartment Volume 0.09 gal (0.35 L)
Full Dirt Compartment Indicator Yes
The Dyson V8 Animal has a reasonably-sized dirt container. It’s fairly small, which is to be expected for a lightweight stick/handheld vacuum cleaner, and it needs to be emptied rather frequently. Luckily, there’s an indicator to tell you when the container’s full.


In Package

  • Dyson V8 Animal vacuum
  • Dirt compartment
  • Lint/dust screen
  • Filter
  • Main vacuum cleaner head
  • Wand
  • Pre-motor filter
  • Post-motor (HEPA) filter
  • Vacuum User Guideline
  • Combination tool and brushes
  • Soft roller
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Upholstery and hard bristle brush tool
  • Turbo brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Tool holder
  • 180 degree pivot extender tool
  • Docking station
  • Installation manual
  • Screws
  • Battery charger
  • Battery

This vacuum’s battery performance is alright. If you establish it to its higher suction power setting, ‘MAX’, the battery is dying in less than 10 minutes. Nonetheless, if you make use of the lower power setting, ‘Powerful Suction’ mode, it offers just over 40 minutes of run time, which ought to be enough to get you through cleaning several rooms. If you’re searching for a cordless stick/handheld vacuum with a better battery performance, take into consideration the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate.


Whole machine filtration

The Dyson V8 Animal suction catches allergens and eliminates cleaner air than the air you take a breath.



The Dyson V8 Animal is really portable. This vacuum is lighter than the Dyson V11 Animal, and it doesn’t really feel extremely heavy in your hand. It has a carrying handle so you can take the vacuum up and down stairs as well. With mini motorized tool, you could remove ground-in dirt and tackle animal hair.


Tools And Brushes

This vacuum includes a set of tools and brushes that can help with various cleaning jobs. There’s a hard bristle brush that withdraws to come to be an upholstery brush. Unlike the Shark Rocket Pet Pro, there’s also an unique 180-degree extension tool to help you clean hard-to-reach places. You can clip all the devices to the vacuum cleaner or the stick. If you’re seeking a comparable Dyson-brand vacuum with much more tools and brushes, look into the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute.


Alternative Configuration

You can use this vacuum as either a stick vacuum cleaner or in its portable mode by removing the wand.

Above all though, the Dyson V8 Animal is ideal for bare floor cleaning. Powered by the Dyson digital motor v8, it grabs every little particles and pet hair fairly easily, even as the dirt compartment fills up. While it also picks up most huge debris, it may push a few of it sideways or backward. Although its build quality is only fine, it’s rather easy to maintain.

To be honest, Dyson v8 animal is a little pricey. If you want an affordable vacuum cleaner, BestAndFirst ( is recommended to you. There are an abundance of innovative brands selling well-designed, high-quality, and fairly-priced products, including fashion, beauty, health, kids, pets, travel, Tech Cool (, sports, personal care. This tech lifestyle platform also offers more accurate and more detailed flow-fields information so that I can choose the best easily. It’s a good way to compare something similar.


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