We are going to discuss the below-mentioned points in this blog:

  • Laravel Jetstream
  • Models Directory
  • Model Factory Classes
  • Migration Squashing
  • Improved Rate Limiting
  • Time Testing Helpers
  • Dynamic Blade Helpers


Laravel JetStream

On the off chance that you are following Laravel from Previous forms, you may be thinking about Laravel UI Scaffolding. Laravel Jetstream is a redesign on the already present Laravel UI Scaffolding. The primary assignment of it is to give a beginning stage to new ventures which incorporate:

  • it is planned with Tailwind CSS and gives the client a decision among Livewire and inactivity.
  • Choices of two frontend slacks i.e Livewire + Blade or Interia.JS + Vue.JS.




Models Directory

The old Models Directory is back once more. Recall utilizing a different Models envelope for making Models before Laravel 5. The Models were moved to the application/registry. Presently with Laravel 8.x it moved back to application/Models.






Model Factory Classes

In Laravel 8, the system has changed to class-based processing plants rather than manufacturing plant works alongside improved relationship support.
In this way, in the event that you take a gander at the User model, there’s another hasFactory characteristic that permits you to straightforwardly produce information off of the model.





Migration Squashing

On the off chance that your application contains numerous relocation records, you would now be able to crush them into a solitary SQL document. This document will be executed first when running relocations, trailed by any leftover movement records that are not a piece of the crushed blueprint document. Crushing existing relocations can diminish movement record bulge and perhaps improve execution while running tests.





Improved Rate Limiting

Laravel 8 gives a more adaptable approach to characterize rate-restricting while at the same time keeping up similarities with past variants.
Presently rate restricting is characterized by utilizing RateLimiter veneer. The main boundary in for() technique acknowledges the name of the rate limiter, and the second boundary is a conclusion that returns the breaking point designs that ought to be applied to the courses.





Time Testing Helpers

Laravel clients have delighted in full authority over the long run change through the astounding Carbon PHP library. Laravel 8 brings this above and beyond by giving advantageous test assistants to controlling the time inside tests.






Dynamic Blade Helpers

In some cases, you need to deliver a cutting-edge part progressively at runtime. Laravel 8 gives the <x-dynamic-segment/> to deliver the segment:

Other Changes

PHP craftsman serves will naturally reload when climate variables are changed in your .env document. While beforehand you need to physically restart.