Top jQuery Filter and Sort PluginsWith the use of JQuery filter and sort plugins you will get the complete control over the placement, order and organization of you web pages and table elements. There are so many JQuery plugins for filtering and sorting available.

These plugins can be so useful if you have large dataset such as table views while they are so effective for managing the list view such as for portfolio page. Below we have compiled few popular and in demand plugins which offer a variety of features and effects that can help you to add a unique flair to your web pages.


Shuffle – a jQuery plugins use for sorting, filtering and laying out a group of items. It is fast, responsive and perform exceptionally.




This is a small simple but effective jQuery plugin that will sort any nodetype through its text, value or attributes. Click here to see demo.



Quicksand is a jQuery plugin which let you filter and reorder the items with a lovely shuffling animation.

Click here for demo.



An artistic jQuery plugin for magical layouts. Isotope enables you for easy sorting, filtering and dynamic layouts.



MixItUp is a jQuery plugin which enable you for animated sorting and filtering.



This is one of the lightweight (less than 2KB) plugin can be used for portfolio filtering with CSS3 animation. It has been highly optimized for bootstrap and so easy to use.


Cube Portfolio

Cube Portfolio is a great jQuery plugin that provide intuitive animated filtering, sorting, custom captions and it is perfect for the portfolio, galleries, for listing the team members and blog posts or any other ordered content.