Things that have worked in the past might or might not work in the future. As every industry changes digital marketing is also an industry that will slowly keep changing in terms of platforms, strategy, and tools used.

Over some time, some factors have proved to be rewarding for more or less any industry and digital marketing is no different.

If you analyze any top-five market sectors which have grown exceptionally over the last 20 years, their growth was driven by the same factors. Be it stockbroking, telecom, information &technology, business process outsourcing or banking, etc.

And those factors are as below

  • Innovation
  • Automation
  • Specialization
  • Better Service
  • Cost-effectiveness


It is true as humans we have been innovating for many centuries. It consists of finding new solutions to present problems and identify problems that are still unknown to us. Innovation is important to the advancement of society.

Breakthrough technology has a dramatic impact on our lives, they set a new trend altogether in a way any industry works.

If you look around, you will notice our lives are changing very fast and when we compare it with what it was 10 years back, it is easy today. Be it watching a movie on Netflix, shopping online or the way we are connecting with our friends and family. Everything is not only changed with innovation but also has become a new trend of doing things.

Likewise, if a digital agency can keep innovating either by the way of technology or by rewarding it’s end-customer, it can always keep customers interested.


Business is nothing but a superset of interlinked processes. Better these processes work together; better business gets in catering more number of customers. An agency needs to provide its customers with the highest level of service even when it is growing fast.

Automation is one such way where your agency can finish several tasks at the same time with more accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence-based CRM is classical examples of automation where only these tools are enough to send service emails, sales emails and text to several customers without any human intervention.

Automation fastens the customer journey. Rule-based automated systems can keep working 24*7 and thereby increase customer turnarounds. IoT and AI are currently the buzz that projects the professional image of your agency.


Many survey shows that effective and successful agencies are always focused on one vertical.

Specialization is the key to growing your digital marketing agency in this competitive marketing environment. Don’t try to do everything or solve every need that your client presents. Because then your clients will not know you for anything in particular.

It is very important to understand where you stand and who are the customers you want to cater to. You are more likely to be a brand in a particular niche if you keep innovating and keep getting better than anybody else available in the market.

Better Service

With the amount of saturation in the digital market where customers have many options to choose from. If there is one thing; which can stand you apart, then it is better service.

No matter how advanced we become there is nothing that replaces the human touch. It is the best way to win trust.

If only your customers can relate to your agency they will stay with you and are more likely to give you referrals.

As per WordStream; one of the most successful digital marketing agency, referrals is the best way to get more customer and up sales.

By better service, it also means it is faster and reliable when compared to your competition in the market.


There are many things which business owners frequently try themselves, before realizing they need more expertise. Specialists often provide the most cost-effective solution here and it’s the reason for a customer to approach marketing agency.

Every business is different. With a wealth of ways to reach the audience, it’s up to you, to investigate which marketing methods will work best, and to make sure they are delivering results – so spend isn’t wasted.

Many digital agencies outsource their work to offshore sites to get it done in 1/3 rd of the cost and provide value to their clients with even better results
As there is a secret recipe for every nicely cooked delicacy and only the master knows it, every client is different and expects different results by spending as little as possible.

It depends on what blend of paid services and free tools you use. Finally, your clients will only judge you only on two things 1) Results & 2) Cost-effectiveness.


A fundamental aspect of digital marketing is no different than traditional marketing. Digital marketing is just a cost-effective and faster way to create brand awareness and revenue for the organization.

It is always better to stick with the core principles of this business first and then built over it to cut through tight competition. This way growth will not only be incremental but will also be very firm.