Conversion Improve Test CasesGetting high traffic to website doesn’t really mean to be resulting in good website conversion rate. It’s a popular practice these days to use social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Stumble Upon for drawing huge amount of traffic however to get better conversion ratio is altogether another challenge and needs a well-planned strategy for effective results. It’s also important to attract quality traffic rather than simply improving the volume of visits.

Going through a UX planning and testing prior to defining a layout structure is always a sensible thing to do. It’s actually about taking few risks and experimenting, making website more engaging, have call to actions placed at right place with combination of good content and attractive photographs/graphics can result in alarming positive conversion.

Here are the few simple tests that you should run on one of the most important pages on your website – a Home Page.

1) Easy & Clear Navigation Bar

Present your visitors with clear links to the most important pages of your website. It’s worth analysing which pages of your website bring most traffic and make them visible easily to your customers. Switch the order of your website navigation and measure which order brings more clicks. If you don’t want to reorder your website navigation bar then try to change the Text of bar items. For examples you can change Services to What We Offer and so on.

2) Test Call-to-Action Button

Location of call-to-action button can greatly impact the conversion rate of your website. Few minor variations in call-to-action button such as font, size, color, shape – these elements seems minor but could impact customer’s behaviors and ultimately conversions

3) Adding Live Chat

Live chat is one of the best ways to directly interact with website visitors and it is a great tool to help potential visitor get the solution/service or product instantly. However it is important to ensure that you have someone available to attend the chat pings. Absence of Chat attendant particularly during business hours can also have negative impact.

4) Keep Your News Section Updated

It’s great help for keeping your website active if you keep your news section up to date all the time. Important industry information, events, services, policy changes and many more such small updates can be real boosters. Helpful news increases trust factor of your website which ultimately impact on your website conversions. Also your website will get updated content through this medium which Search Engines like.

5) Engaging & Attractive Photographs

Does your home page possess beautiful images? Attractive and professional photographed Images of product, people or places get your visitors hooked up to your site. Particularly high quality photographs in interactive slide animations can really impact a lot.

6) Test Your Headlines

Your website headline is the text that features on top of your homepage and is spotted early when visitors land on your website. Effectively written headlines with meaningful sentences could drastically improve your conversions. So it makes sense to invest some time thinking and testing what the best copy or style you should have on your website.

Of course, what works for one may not works for others. There are several other factors which comes into play such as industry, target audience, locations, services and products that may have variant impact on conversions of individuals. However taking some calculated risk, application of professional creativity, using the latest modern technology and most important of all UX testing can prove to be a winner in having a successful and productive home page resulting in good conversion.