Magento GoMagento Go offers exceptional range of advance tools and features that can help merchants to present highly effective and efficient ecommerce webstore in front of their potential buyers. Ecommerce retailers like to have complete control and prefer systems that can be handled easily to add, remove, edit products and manage complete online store smoothly. At the same time the front end of the store should be elegant, user-friendly and technically flawless resulting in successful conversions of potential visitors.

Since the first release of Magento Go, we have seen lots of modifications in core. There were few minor changes that have been made last year as listed below:

  • Many mobiles themes have been added to the software
  • DHL shipping service updated and packaging option have been rearranged
  • Google AdWords tracking has become easy
  • Extension installation issue is fixed

Magento Go is based on the concept of Cloud Computing. You don’t need to worry about purchasing hosting services and worrying about servers and their performances. You have a well functional, good looking and SEO friendly system available when you go for Magento Go. There are over 200,000 merchant stores built on Magento Go which is quite incredible. There is subscription fee to avail this ecommerce system but it’s definitely worth particularly for small to medium ecommerce retailers.

Why you should build store with Magento Go in 2014?

Easy to understand Start up guide

Magento Go offers a start up guide which can be easily understood by beginners with less technical and ecommerce systems knowledge. By clicking on menu item called ‘Start My Store’ at the top of the administrator page, it will walk you through products, design, shipping, payment and other basic tasks. This can be great resource for novices and non technical person to understand how Magento Go works.

Effective admin panel

Any successful and popular application has to be a. Userfriendly, b. Good Interface and c.  Performing every functionality flawlessly. Magento Go is well designed and everything on dashboard has been placed perfectly that gives quick access to relevant information about your ecommerce store. It stands out compared to other ecommerce systems for relevancy, quality and ease of accessibility. To monitor store performance, Magento Go gives quick access to important metrics that can influence store owners strategic business decision.

Excellent reporting options

Reporting is an excellent way to scale store performance and customer habits. Magento Go generates essential reports for you that include sales, customers behavior, products and much more. Through this you can also find information about most seen products, cart abandons, orders and other much needed information that is required in order to make your store better.

Free templates

If you want your store should works efficient on mobile devices then Magento Go gives you an opportunity to make your store mobile ready with some good selection of mobile templates. Magento Go offers more than 30 free templates. All available templates can be customized with the help of template editors.

Flexible pricing

Magento Go offers flexible pricing structure for merchants where they need to pay only $15/month to showcase up to 100 products with no additional set up and transaction fees. However it isn’t the cheapest monthly rate compared to the other ecommerce softwares but it is certainly affordable price and valuable that can be paid for tools, features and accessibility offered by Magento Go. If you have desire to own an eCommerce store but money is your primary concern, then Magento Go could be an ideal choice for you.

Excellent product management options

For any ecommerce store efficient product management is important. Lapse and issues with this functionality could cause you in terms of lower conversions. Your latest and most sold products are the highlight of your store that should be placed properly within your store so that potential customer can spot them quickly. Magento Go offers you powerful filtering, sorting and searching capabilities that can ultimately help visitors to quickly get hold of the products they are looking for and place the order.

Support and resources

Unfortunately Magento Go do not have 24/7 support policy but yes they give support through phone, email ticketing and live chat when you need their help. Plus point is, their support page is packed with webinars, video guides and discussion forums where you get accurate solution of most of the issues easily.

Our View:

Magento Go certainly has good competition from other similar systems. It still needs to do more than what it currently offers. Functionality and design modification aren’t as flexible as Magento Community and Enterprise and also the volume of extensions aren’t as great. The SEO features and due to it’s cloud computing concept, it’s performance is lot better including the speed. It may be good idea for small ecommerce retailers; start ups in particular; to try the trial version. It certainly offers all basic facilities which an ecommerce store would need and a hassle free online store.

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