Websites for Businesses today are an important asset and they expect their websites to produce business for them, present their services and show case their products in the most successful manner. So it’s no longer a simple walk in the park. Websites need to be seriously designed, developed, maintained and promoted to compete in the crowded cyber space so that you can get yourself heard and have visitors coming to your site and doing business with you. People judge and make decisions to make purchase or connect with businesses based on the quality of website.

Being a professional web development agency with more than 5 years of experience, we have worked on several challenging eCommerce and CMS web projects as a backend development partner. We have noticed many of our clients after projects being finished and delivered come back to us asking for ideas and enhancements in order to convert more visitors into customers. Our suggestion is to do lot of pre planning in designing and adopting functionality carefully considering your target audience behavior and how further you can draw traffic to your website. Again, this isn’t easy as it takes time and efforts to identify the customer behavior on the website and prepare further plan accordingly. Do lot of research and it’s highly recommended to hire a reputed and professional website development agency to help you out. It’s worth an investment.

So ultimately everyone aims for more revenue through their websites which is highly dependent on good volume of traffic drawn to your website in first place and secondly a good number of those visitors getting converted into your customers or doing an inquiry with you.

Typically, breakdown comes from the lack of proper understanding. Each part of your website right from the design to content, should be well planned which help you reach your goal but unfortunately, this isn’t the case always. Now it’s time to take necessary action and make your website start converting. We will tell you how!

Clearly Outline Your Offerings

It is necessary to ensure that your website provides good experience for its potential visitors. Your landing page should be appealing and conveys very clear message about your offers and services to your possible buyers. Make sure that your website content is customer focused rather than for search engine robots. Prospective buyers are always more interested in looking at good content which can help them know more about your product and services. A summary of your key offers and services should be clearly visible on the home page with proper link to detailed pages.

Easy Navigation

Today customers want an easy and straight-forward website experience therefore it is necessary to keep website clear of clutter and only include elements which are necessary and nicely implemented by keeping customer experience in mind. Put yourself in customers place and ask yourself if every single element on the page really needs to be there and is that element really contributing to a prospective sale? It’s all about testing. Get opinion from your audience and try to ask them to contribute in giving you feedback of what do they like about your website and if you should enhance or remove any features which can further help them.

Make the navigation hassle-free. A clear navigation menu in the header section of the page that includes drop down menu of services works well including Home, About, Testimonials, Blog and Contact tab. Never try to add extra rings and bells to overcomplicate your website – make it easy to summaries, clean and clear website is always an advantage.

Deliver Good And Clear Website Content

When it comes to content for any website, always keeps your customers in mind and add jargon or insider lingo accordingly. Rather than speaking industry language or showing too much professionalism in content (if isn’t a news website), make sure adding idioms and inspiring stories (the problem faced during business initial stage) can play a vital role. Select the content that engage your customers and make them spend more time. Content these days isn’t mere about writing lengthy text. Good videos and appealing images on your website can hugely contribute in minimizing your bounce rate.

Google rewards website that regularly update content with engaging topics, videos and images which holds readers interest. Writing good and unique content is considered as one of the best SEO practices. If you can produce 3 or 4 fresh and interesting piece of content in a week, the greater chance of being found in the search engines you will have.

Well Implemented Call-To-Action On Website

Do you want your visitors to make purchase from you? Subscribe to your newsletter? If your call to action is hidden or unclear, it makes even hard for people to take action.
UX testing is important here. Ask few users how easily they can navigate your website and is it easy for them to contact you or place an order? Planning and testing as per user behavior can help you a lot. Selection of words also play important role so avoid common words like “submit” or “buy now” on call to action buttons. Instead use more appealing phrases like “Get me in”, “sign me up” or “I’m in” and make sure color of call to action button should be contrast to your theme so that it can be identified easily.

Adopt RWD (Responsive Web Design) Concept

Today, people prefer to access websites on mobile or tablets so you need to make sure your website is responsive. Which means screen size of the digital device (iPhone, Tables) won’t bother your customer since they will get hassle-free browsing experience same as they get in desktop PCs or laptop. Here, your content can be accessible easily no matter how or where your audience is consuming it.

Use Live Chat

Live chat option is great to directly interact with potential visitors. It can facilitate visitors to ask you about your services and offers or queries they may have. You can even understand what they are looking for and guide them through. This can speed up their process of buying or making an inquiry.

Accurate Search Results

Many visitors, particularly for eCommerce website, heavily use search box so that they don’t have to spend lot of time browsing through the site and they hope to quickly find the product they are looking for. Such visitors have high probability of getting converted because they seem to know what they want and if your search result list throw accurate result, the will simply click on it and proceed further.

Have High Traffic Volume

While the above factors are important for better conversion it’s also so important to have high traffic volume for your website for better conversion. Effort and marketing should be done in such a way that your website gets maximum number of target audience. To an extent this is like Sales Funnel. The more traffic activity is experienced, more target audience coming to your site it’s going to yield more revenue. We will let you know more on this in another blog which we plan to write shortly about ‘factors responsible for building up high traffic volume.