Eway Rapid Australia Magento extensioneWay seems to be rapidly expanding its territory and widely getting accepted as a Payment Gateway system for eCommerce stores particularly in Australia and New Zealand.

KGN Technologies has worked with several Australian eCommerce consultants and Web Development firms who have demanded using eWay for eCommerce stores development projects as it’s one of the best payment gateway solutions. They launched the earlier eWay Magento extension based on their research which revealed that most available free versions did not provide some important features and the paid versions looked bit expensive. “We received overwhelming response and lot of positive feedback from Magento developers and eCommerce Development Companies who interacted with us putting forward their suggestions and motivating us to do further enhancements in making our eWay Magento Extension further more secure, reliable, easy and compliant to the most updated methodology of eWay. We have taken all these valuable information and feedback into consideration and updated our eWay Magento extension which successfully works in all Magento versions” Said one of the Technical Directors at KGN Technologies who has been involved in Magento Projects Development since their inception back in 2009.

Version release notes by Senior Magento Developers at KGN Technologies reveal that this version of eWay Magento extension is the most updated version which follows the latest payment gateway implementation done by eWay that included complete change in the flow of overall payment process. There is more security, user friendliness, simple installation and most important it’s available for free with advance features. They also claim to be committed to provide excellent support to the community of Magento Developers, eCommerce development companies and Web store who are using this extension.

Magento Developers at KGN Technology say “We are excited to launch this updated version. It’s available on Magento Connect now. It’s for the community to use it. We would welcome any further recommendations, suggestion, and reviews and although we have tried to make it easy and simple, we are happy to help if there is any further assistance required”

Here is the link to the KGN Technologies eWay Magento Extension.