It was a time when plain text was sufficient to reach target audience but now the time has changed and to attract and to hold up the website visitor’s interest and drive more traffic on website, you are required to incorporate multimedia content in your website marketing strategy. Multimedia content can be in the form of images, videos, podcast, infographics and slideshows.

  • According to study, more than 72K Facebook pages found that videos generate the most engagement among various formats.
  • Blog post that include images receive 94% more views.
  • Post with all three media types (images, video, audio) will attract times more inbound linking than the plain text post.

Besides of receiving excellent traffic and post shares, following are the 3 key reasons you should be opting multimedia to increase your website reach and for better branding.

1) Multimedia Content Increase Time On Your Website

The internet has completely changed the way we think and has dramatically reduced our attention spans. Even though you have excellent piece of textual content but if it is too long and without multimedia, certainly you will experience increased bounces. Multimedia content give your readers a reason to stay for littler longer to check out what you are offering in slideshows or videos. You only have few initial seconds to grab visitors attention so it’s so critical that your website visitors are presented with creatively attractive and logically valuable stuff.

2) Multimedia To Boost On-Page SEO

When search engine spider crawls your website, it stops at images and seeks for keywords and key phrases that can potentially boost your ranking. Search engines notice multimedia content more than anything else since it has greater impact on overall content. Thus, it is so important to add alt text to every element you upload. Additionally, you should optimise the images sizes to make sure your website load quickly. Also make sure to name your file which is relevant to content using a naming convention and include image description as they will eventually be found on Google Images. Beautiful images will drive more traffic to your website so make sure to organize everything superbly.

3) Multimedia For Better Branding

Adding multimedia to your website is like seasoning the food. You are adding elements to your website in order to enhance your website readability and certainly an effective way of drawing more viewers and building brands. Since people these days have become tremendously visual, video is one of the most popular multimedia types you can see everywhere. Honestly, without these multimedia channels like audio, video and supporting images it is almost difficult to build brand recognition. Make it simple: online brand building requires utilizing every multimedia asset available these days.


Multimedia content can be gold mine for your website. Not only does it visually draw immense traffic, it makes your website visually stunning and makes people to spend more time as well as encourage them to return back. Try to be consistent with your multimedia branding as SEO optimization takes constant effort and effective marketing strategy.