Visual content always create win-win situation for any websites. Eye catching photographs and infographics are considered to be very useful and can be shared easily. However, it’s the video content that really rakes on the sales.

Simply having a video on a website can increase sales by 76% or more. That’s huge. But why are they so effective? What is it about a product video that makes customers part with their cash?

People prefer to watch rather than reading

People generally like watching when it comes to making a purchasing decision. It’s faster, it’s easier, and it gives you all the information you need in one place. The basic fact of the matter is, when faced with a choice of written instructions and an engaging product video, your customers are going to choose the latter.

Increase sales

71% of customers think videos explain products better than text can, and 4 out of 5 customers feel that product videos are helpful in solving a problem or making a decision. Product tour video help customer digest what the product is and how it works.

Using such helpful content on your website, all your customers are going to spend money, having been provided with all the information they needed in order to complete the ordering process.

They help you to manage customers’ expectations

Nobody likes spending money on a product only for it to arrive completely different to how you expected it to be. 57% of customers say they are less surprised by products if they watched a product video prior to purchase, which tells us that these videos could save businesses from a lot of customer misunderstandings. This is particularly true with products that come in varying sizes and dimensions that aren’t immediately clear in photographs.

Consumers who know what they’re buying are a lot more likely to make a purchase, and those who receive the exact product they were expecting are much more likely to be happy with that purchase. So, an insightful product video now could prevent a lot of issues further down the line.

They increase trust

Most of the online buyers think that companies who produce and publish product videos are trustworthy. Since production of video cost more compare to product photography so their presence on a website demonstrates a level of commitment and professionalism form the business itself.

Buyer who visit your website and are met with a well-produced, engaging and insightful video will feel that your business cares deeply about the quality of their buying journey and this always makes them to add that product in their shopping basket.

Google loves them

Video content accounts 14% of product search results in Google, which presents a significant chunk of opportunity for competent marketers publishing product videos on their websites. With good quality, useful video content supplementing your product pages, your products are that much more likely to be discovered and clicked on in search results.

You can also optimize video descriptions with keywords to further raise your visibility in Google searches, meaning even more click-through and – through the useful and persuasive content of the video itself – more conversions.