Customer Service Importance

I am sure most of you must have experienced on numerous occasions that companies talk about exceptional customer service however when actually things go wrong and it’s time for you to be realistically using them, it turns out to be frustrating experience. Web development world is no different. To succeed and grow it’s so important that your entire project development cycle and post deployment have strong backing of excellent customer service.

In our perspective, Customer service in web development should not just be limited to a single person which is normally an Account or Project Manager serving as a point of contact for client. It should be rather overall responsibility of entire team. Developers, Designers, quality analysts and project managers must all work with mindset of giving hassle free and memorable experience to their client; the one that they would be proud of and get maximum benefit on their investment. All of aspects mentioned in the project development phase rely on each other and it’s a chain which depends on work done by every member of the team. The more carefully and attentively the tasks are attended, it results in the end product being produced with top quality.

Majority of clients are actually business owners who lack technical jargons. So the web developers must work with a mindset that the work they are doing is for the people who will simply get lost when they see the lines of code. People are more visually and functionally impressed when they can see innovative and creative web development work.

Website development cycle needs careful understanding of client business. Web developer must work as an integrated part of client business with acute understanding of client business processes, the reasons for them to have website and giving maximum information and benefit to their users. You can have top performers in your team in terms of technical knowledge but resources who lack the discipline and courteous customer service attitude are like a spoiled apple in the basket. As the old saying goes that “the customer is the King” and this is absolutely true in this industry too.

Good customer service should have 3 important pillars firmly established in your team and their productivity.

  • Quality
  • Timely Delivery
  • Communication

If any of these gets removed from the chain of website development, it will highly effect your reputation with your customers. Clients may warn you once or twice about bad work but if it doesn’t change they have thousands of option to choose from and you will have to start everything all over again searching for new leads and bringing in the business. The best companies in web development industries are the one who would be more focused on providing top quality work with due attention to their customer preferences. Good work and friendly attitude will automatically generate more business.