The online store owners don’t realize how much money they could earn if they invest just a small amount of time and money into conversion rate optimization. Each online store is different in design with different products. That means each online eCommerce store needs to be fine-tuned in order to achieve optimal number of sales.

Although each store is exclusive but some things in Magento are universal and some mistakes are made very often by store owners. Here we have outlined some proven strategies that you should implement in order to improve store conversation rate.

Improve Store Search

Magento store owner should utilise the cutting-edge Elasticsearch technology that will help customers immensely in quickly find what they are looking with the powerful site search. You can optimise the experience by setting weighted attribute values, stop words and search synonyms.

Sphinx Search Ultimate : Is another excellent search option for Magento websites. Here at KGN Technologies, we have implemented this extension successfully in lots of stores for our clients.

Search is one of the core aspects of your store which help customers find quickly what they desire to buy from your store. Invest time improving it since this could really help you improve your conversation rate.

Simplify Checkout Process

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the grieving aspects of eCommerce store. You can avoid this holiday season by shortening the checkout process and making it easy, intuitive, brief and more secure. You can achieve this by offering guest checkout (like user without creating account can buy product from your store), only asking for essential personal information, accepting multiple payment, auto-filling fields when possible and strengthening trust with security badges.

Get Responsive Design

With more than 50 percent of all online shopping these days occurring on smartphones and tablets, you are surely going to lose customers if your eCommerce website isn’t optimised for all digital devices in this holiday season. If you want to convert your mobile visitors then get a responsive website. By having a responsive website, you can achieve an optimal viewing and interaction experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum scrolling, resizing and panning across a wide range of devices.

Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly

Having slow loading website can greatly affect your conversation rate. More than 40 percent of visitors will leave if website doesn’t load within three seconds and 79 percent of your customers won’t return if they are unhappy with your site’s load time. You can combat this by optimising your website such as image compression, JS and CSS compression, opting authentic hosting provider and utilizing caching etc.

Here is the guide to speed up Magento performance.

Be Social

Add social sharing buttons to your product pages could really help you to get in front of your customers followers on social media. Making product shareable on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google + can turn your satisfied customers into salespeople that their social circle trust.

Updating social profile regularly can help in increasing brand awareness and trust. Online buyers normally would like to buy from the store which is continuously participating online and giving importance to customers’ queries.

Following are the conversion killers to avoid:

  • If you don’t offer free shipping, be upfront about it. Show product cost as early as possible in the shopping process.
  • Show your phone number in the header. Make it easy for customer to contact you, via live chat, phone, and email and FAQ page.
  • Return policies should be clear.
  • Product delivery time should be clear. Online buyers prefer to see the delivery date.
  • Lack of trust can kill sales quickly. Get https certificate for your website to win the customer trust.
  • Get you website listed in and and ask your customer to review your website. These platforms are worth implementing in order to improve your store reputation.

Implement the above tips to ensure you are counting higher revenues rather than counting mistakes.