The footer is often used to house additional information of website and can be considered one of the most significant locations on your website. Footer is of significant importance in today’s modern web world. It can be creatively crafted to display very important links, sitemap, social media icons, newsletter subscription, contact information and so on.

Since the web page footer generally builds up an extra, often separated color and design, many designers use the footer to be really creative work. We have accumulated some of the best and stunning examples of innovative footer designs. Have a look.

Agra Culture

Agra Culture Kitchen & Press

Simple design could be an ideal choice if it comes to dealing with lot of information, which will likely be the case for footer. Agra Culture footer seems very neat and simple with plenty of space. They have used good color combination, icons and text in the footer but it is clean and has great flow. Each link is easy to click and the subtle detail with the farm mage in the green box is look very elegant.






While collapsing footer in the right or bottom corner of the website can save lot of space which can be used for other purpose. When user clicks on the box named ‘Footer’ will expand the footer items so user can find the links they are looking for. Because footer is placed in the corner with a box, it is important that the footer is clearly visible and fits the design.

alldayPA has effectively placed the footer in the sidebar and by clicking on Expand Footer, you can see the footer items.



Grouping footer items can create nice sense of organization for information and links. Consider several columns and rows of relevant information such as contact, services, social media, products and section from your most popular pages.

SugarSync has included multiple items in form of columns for easy access to footer for visitors. With columns such as ‘Product’, ‘Company’, ‘Learn More’ and ‘Connect With Us’ it is easy to locate the section of website you want to use next.



Including call to action button in footer can help you gain more clicks. Offering a box like sign up and newsletter can be effective in footer.

Collabogive has dedicated significant amount of space for ‘Join Our Newsletter’, ‘Start A Campaign’ and ‘Explore Campaign’. These call to action boxes are easy to see and fit into the design and create a way for users to interact.

Sailing Collective

Sailing Collective

Most of the time you will find the footer at the bottom of the site (that’s why it’s called footer). The space is limited and web designers have to smartly craft various elements and present them nicely.

Sailing Collective has used plenty of space vertically as well as horizontally between footer elements. They have kept them limited in the black box which also looks nice.

Master and Dynamic

Master and Dynamic

Every footer element serves a purpose. Its common these days you will came across icons as well as thumb nail images from social media profile such as Facebook, Google + etc. This social media information displayed in footer gives information about target audience and popularity of the website. Displaying this in the most creative and easily visible manner will help in having visitors trust your website.

As you can see the footer of Master & Dynamic, they have used less elements in the footer but placed very nicely. Simple and clean icons and text are enough to help you find the content you want with ease.

Since the footer is an important element of a website, pay attention to it and ensure to include the right mix of information, design elements and usability to get the most out of it.