Google Analytics can be considered as one of the finest services coming out from Google for those are actively managing their websites. It allows you to pay more attention on important elements such as tracking, conversion and user behavior.

Still there are many Magento owners who are not well aware of the tracking related information offered by Google Analytics. If gives you access to in-depth insights of website traffic, segmentation, visitors, demographic visualization, funnel tracking and goal related tracking. Keeping eyes on all these useful services you can give a new dimension to your eCommerce website.

However, tracking the data and collecting it, simultaneously, for eCommerce website is quite difficult task to do. In order to make it simpler for you to track and collect eCommerce data for your Magento website, follow the below steps:

  • Login to your Google Analytics account
  • Click the Admin button on bottom of the left bar, and then click on Ecommerce Settings

  • In Ecommerce Settings, Enable Ecommerce set-up and turn on Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting and then click on Submit

Now your Google Analytics is ready for collecting and tracking data from your Magento website.

Integrate Google Analytics with Magento

Now, you have to set up Google Analytics for your Magento site and for that you need to copy your Google Analytics Account Id.

  • Go to Account Setting from your Analytics Admin and copy your Google Analytics Account Id.

Now, go to your Magento Admin Panel and go to System -> Configuration -> and then in the left menu from Sales select Google API -> Google Analytics

Then select YES from the drop down menu to Enable Google Analytics and insert your Google Analytics Account ID in the Account Number option. Click on the Save Config button.

Now, you are done and you can easily track and collect data of your Magento Store using Google Analytics.