WordPress is an incredibly flexible open source yet user-friendly system. Almost all designers and developers love to work on it since it gives amazing flexibility and easy customizations features. If designers and developers want to start their web development journey then WordPress could be the quick learnable and wonderful choice to begin with.

WordPress offers range of free templates and with little modifications as per business requirements; you can build your own fresh and unique themes. This can save lot of time and efforts since you don’t need to start development from scratch every time.

Getting started with bespoke WordPress development may appear time consuming initially or if you have less experience but should be straightforward for one who has working experience with HTML, CSS and PHP languages. Compared to other CMS platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, learning curve isn’t so difficult since you have back support of huge community out there and never ending list of tutorials and articles to get you going.

Following are the few most convincing reasons to why once should get into WordPress development and start create bespoke theme.

1. Bespoke Theme Texture

Till date, thousands of themes have been already developed with unique approaches by different WordPress developers. Chances are you may come across themes that may follow same common structure and possess same core pages but have slight variation at front end. There is a little consistency maintained on how themes are structured and coded.

Developing theme from scratch could be time consuming since everything from HTML structure, CSS mark-up, PHP code and defining naming conventions, styling comments will really take more time and efforts. However with a custom WordPress theme development you can avoid the unnecessary bits and pieces which you may not require and also include or add those features and functionalities which can be more bespoke for your website development.

2. Faster Development

You can really make powerful functionalities and front end structures with WordPress if you have prior background and strong skills in HTML, PHP, CSS and little JavaScript. It’s a superiorly powerful CMS system with so many plugins and community support. Simple as well as complex CMS or eCommerce websites can be built in lot lesser time with WordPress.

Further more these days front end development has undergone a revolution and usage of frameworks has increased dramatically. Frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, Genesis, Foundation and many others considerably decrease development timeline plus they offer features for modern website development like responsiveness and mobile device friendly websites development.

3. Use Only Features Your Project Needs

As mentioned at few places above, ready to use theme may contain unnecessary features and files that your website may not need. This also can be the reason for slow speed website. Many designers want to give a unique and awesome look and feel so they will usually give users a lot of options that they can use in the bespoke version. Light and fast loading website also get good preference by search engines and visitors.
Creating your own themes means you need to create functions, styles, code, files and structure as per your project requirement. This will keep things simple and straightforward.

4. Increase Your Website Speed

How optimised is that off-the-shelf theme you have decided to use? The theme may be looking good creatively however it may be bulky and not SEO friendly. A ready theme may have used depreciated functions such like query_posts() instead of get_posts(). These both functions do the same thing but the query_posts() is more database intensive. This could probably reduce the website speed. So iff you are the controller of your theme, then you can better utilize and take care of such small yet important things.

WordPress plugins are available in large numbers. However it’s better to be selective and use only the ones which are really required. When you do bespoke website development particularly in WordPress you can just use achieve functionalities by string a few WordPress functions or command together rather than implementing a new plugin. Too many plugins usage can affect the site performance.

5. You Can Get Complete Control Over Search Engine Optimisation

Yes, there are some decent plugins available that gives complete control over all aspects of the on page SEO of the WordPress website. A good website SEO is rooted right through the website structure and code apart from other factors. Getting complete control of on page website SEO factors from the outset is more easier with bespoke theme development. Whether you want to modify page titles based on page type and create custom excerpts and use them for Meta descriptions is a lot easier with custom theme.

With bespoke WordPress theme development you can tweak with the default perceptions. For instance a tag line like “Just Another WordPress site”. There are many owners who dont want to see there website look like WordPress. If you avoid using default theme then such perception can be improved.